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    Glory to the Heroes!
    — Artsakhball
    — System of a Down
    Beating the devil,
    We never run from the devil,
    We never summon the devil,
    We never hide from the devil!
    — System of a Down

    Artsakhball (also known as Nagorno-Karabakhball) was an unrecognized countryball in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It was bordered by Armeniaball in the west, Azerbaijanball in the east and north and, Iranball in the south. Azerbaijanball, from whom Artsakhball declared independence, thinks Artsakhball belongs to it.


    Artsakhball was born as a 2ball, adopted by Urartuball, Ancient Armeniaball, Caucasian Iberiaball, SPQRball, Parthiaball, Persiaball, Bagratid Armeniaball, Mongol Empireball, Russian Empireball, Transcaucasiaball, and Sovietball. It was then an Autonomous Oblastball within the Azerbaijan SSRball.

    Artsakhball has always had a rebellious streak. Like much of the region, it had been passed down from empire to empire for a long time as a provinceball. When Bagratid Armeniaball ruled it, it rebelled in the year 1000 with Syunikball and Geghark'unikball, and started its own kingdom, becoming Kingdom of Artsakhball. However, Mongol Empireball later took it over in 1261.

    Artsakhball became an independent, though mostly unrecognized, countryball when a war over it between its big sibling Armeniaball and Azerbaijanball ended. Soviet Unionball had given Azerbaijanball custody over Artsakhball in the 1920s even though it was of Armenian clay, as a favor to Turkeyball. When Sovietball was dying, Artsakhball no longer wanted to live with its abusive surrogate parent Azerbaijanball and broke away with its sibling's help. It had tried to legally break away through the majority vote, but Sovietball said nyet, and Azerbaijanball got angry and started bombing it.

    Armeniaball rushed to its sibling's aid. In 1994, Azerbaijanball begged for a ceasefire because Armeniaball was into kicking its ass, and the ceasefire is still in effect (in name only), with kebabs still shooting across the border and violating the ceasefire. Artsakhball was very damaged after the war, but began to rebuild and is about to open its first international airport. USAball is thinking about recognizing it. But for now, it is only recognized by Armeniaball, Transnistriaball, Abkhaziaball and South Ossetiaball, and some stateballs.

    The biggest flare-up of the war since 1994 happened in April 2016 when Azerbaijanball attacked him again, blowing up and slaughtering Talishball (one of its border villages), mostly to distract its citizens from its own corrupt government and falling prices. Azerballs hired thugs and mercenaries from ISISball, and Artsakhball had target practice on Azeri tanks, threatening to move on to more fun targets like oil pipelines and the Mingachevir reservoir next should things escalate further. But soon enough Azerbaijanball called a ceasefire again after a four-day bombardment, with minimal territorial gains. For many months kebabs started to increase their amount of weapons for probably another invasion. In February 2017, it had a constitutional referendum where it voted to stop calling itself Nagorno-Karabakhball and call itself Artsakhball (sort of nickname until that point).

    In late 2020, Artsakhball was the epicenter of the war between Armeniaball and Azerbaijanball, and suffered civilian casualties. It ended up losing all of the lands it got from the previous war, plus a little more.

    In 2023, Azerbaijanball started an all-out military invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh, displacing over 100,000 Armenians. It also led to the end of Artsakhball.

    Artsakhball dissolved 1 January 2024, with all of its clay fully reintegrating back into Azerbaijanball



    • Armeniaball - Big sibling who helped me defeat the enemy of Armenians. Feel bad for it because of me it has lots of problems. Plox help me of defeatings that stupid war declarer! NOOOOOO. I'M GOING TO TURN AZERI. BUT ANYWAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!!!! I WILL BURN EVERYTHING SCORCHED EARTH AND RETURN TO YO!
    • Palestineball - He misses me... He used to support my enemy, now he regrets it...
      • Gazaball - Palestine's child, it also wants to be free from Israel's invasion, He also misses me so much.
    • Javakhetiball - Another sibling that of stayings with khachapuri.
    • Nakhchivanball - Another sibling that of stayings with azerbaijanball just like me.
    • Transnistriaball - One of the oldest friends since I gained independence from the mini kebab. We recognize each other and share good relations.
    • Abkhaziaball - Another friend that is of in similar situation to me. Broke away from khinkali and became my and Transnistriaball's friend.
    • South Ossetiaball - The newest sibling who also broke away from khachapuri, we share really good relations. It also helped me when caviar attacked me in April.
    • Californiaball - Thanks for recognition good friend.
    • Greeceball - Big sibling's best friend who helped me in the war for independence. Feel sorry for its economies now. Recognition plox.
    • Iranball - Big sibling told me that Iran is a good friend. Thanks for not supporting Azeris. Also, we trade a lot BUT AZER FINES IRANIAN TRUCKS COMING TO ME!!!
    • Russiaball - Sells weapons to me, Thanks for everything. Im gone now but I will never forget you comrade o7
    • UAEball - Big sibling told me that UAE is a best friend. It helped me to support with big sibling against the kebab. Thanks for supporting me and pissing Azeris off.
    • Any other countryball that recognizes me is my friend.
    • Lebanonball - We signed a memorandum cooperation. I also have an office in its clay.
    • USAball - We have cordial unofficial relations and it voted against that resolution that recognized me as stoopid kebab lover.
    • Serbiaball - It Likes My Parent You Also Recognize Me as Armenian thank you.


    • UNball - Recognition pl0x.
    • Georgiaball - Let my sibling and friends go! but yuor ok because big sibling like yuo.
    • OSCEball - Even prolapsed anus man agreeings on how useless yuo are. INCLUDE ME IN NEGOTIATIONS, APUSH!
    • Taiwanball - Another area that is in similar situation like me.I admire you are so rich and many countryball are your friends.


    • Azerbaijanball - A stinky kebab who is of trying to anchluss me for 30 YEARS and FINALLY GOT ME! THE ONLY REASON YOU WON IS BECAUSE YOU used ISIS fighters in one of the clashes AND HAD TO RELY ON TURKEY TO DESTROY Armenian sites! 2020 NAGORNO-KARABAKH WAR NEVER FORGET!!! DROP THE DAMN WEAPONS!!! REMOVE AZERBAIJAN!!! I surrender and dissolved my government! I started negotiations with kebab to reintegrate into his clay. Happy now?
      • : AHA! Fınally yuo admıt that yuo bəlong to our glorıous clay ! At least yuo surrəndəred əarly so wə could avoıd bloodshəd. Wəlcomə home Karabakh
    • Turkeyball - YOUR THE REASON WHY I AM with this Spammer now.
    • NATOball - You don't even recognize me so I will not recognize your STUPID PUPPET KOSOVO. KOSOVO JE SERBIA! Stop supporting salo and sanctioning my friend.
    • Pakistanball - Why won't you recognize me and my brother and give weapons and supplies to Azer?! DROP THE DAMN WEAPONS! YOU ARE DEAD MAN!
    • Soviet Unionball - WHY YUO GAVE ME TO KEBAB YUO DICTATOR?!
    • Israelcube - Stupid guy who helps Azerbaijan.
    • Mauritiusball - You stole my parent's flag!
    • Meghalayaball - You also stole my parent's flag!
    • United Belgian Statesball - Yet another Armenian flag stealer! Fuck you!
    • Astrakhanball - You stole my name! How dare you!







    Central America



    Middle East

    North America


    South America


    How to draw

    Drawing Artsakhball is not easy.

    1. Draw a black circle and divide it into three vertical stripes with red on top, blue in the middle, and orange at the bottom, like the Armenian flag.
    2. Draw a white sideways zig-zag chevron on the right side such that three small portions of the zig zag fill up one stripe. It is very apparent in the flag.
    3. Add the eyes and you have finished


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Artsakhball.

    Click here to see it.

    es:Arsajball pl:Artsakhball

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