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    The Boer Wars were wars between the  UKball and Dutch ex-colonies to have the supremacy on File:South Africa-icon.png South Africa. These wars were only a waste of human lives.

    Despite no one actually going to war with UKball other than the boers, volunteers were sent to South Africa to defend boer territory from Netherlandsball, File:Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball, File:Natalia Republic-icon.png Natalia Republicball, Russian Empireball, File:Sweden-Norway-icon.png Sweden-Norwayball, German Empireball, USAball, File:Leinster-icon.png Kingdom of Irelandball, Kingdom of Italyball, Franceball, with Australiaball switches sides against his father right after independence.

    File:War-Template-1.gif File:War-Template-1.gif ⚔ War, war never changes... ⚔
    Ancient and Old Wars (4000 BCE-1870)
    Ancient/Classical (3000 BCE-500 CE) Trojan WarWars of Alexander the GreatPunic WarsHan-Xiongnu WarThree Kingdoms PeriodSack of Rome
    Medieval (500 CE-1500) Early Muslim ConquestsNorman Conquest of EnglandCrusadesMongol InvasionFall of ConstantinopleWar of the BucketHundred Years WarGenpei War
    Early modern (1500-1870) American Indian WarsThree Hundred and Thirty Five Years' WarSeven Years WarAmerican Revolutionary WarNapoleonic WarsUruguayan Civil WarWar of 1812Opium WarsAmerican Civil WarAustro-Prussian WarFrench intervention in MexicoTexas RevolutionMexican-American WarParaguayan War
    Contemporary (1870-2024)
    Pre-World War I Era (1870-1914) Franco-Prussian WarBoxer RebellionBoer WarsWar of the PacificThe Congo GenocideAnglo-Zanzibar WarSpanish-American WarRusso-Japanese WarBalkan Wars
    World Wars and the Interwar Period (1914-1945) World War IArmenian GenocideRussian RevolutionRussian Civil WarIrish War of IndependencePolish-Czechoslovak WarChaco WarEmu WarSpanish Civil WarWinter WarTurkish War of IndependenceWorld War II
    Cold War (1945-1991) Indo-Pakistani WarsInternal conflict in MyanmarChinese Civil WarArab–Israeli conflictKorean WarCuban RevolutionTaiwan Strait CrisisXinjiang ConflictVietnam WarCuban Missile CrisisFootball WarSix-Day WarEthiopian Civil WarAngolan Civil WarThe TroublesOgaden WarKurdish-Turkish ConflictIran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflictWestern Sahara conflictSoviet-Afghan WarFalklands WarIssaq GenocideGulf War
    Post-Cold War (1991-2024) Yugoslav WarsFirst Congo WarSecond Congo WarAfghan WarWar on TerrorIraq WarBoko Haram insurgencyArab Spring (Syrian Civil War) • Crisis in VenezuelaWar in Iraq (2013-2017)War in DonbassYemeni Civil War (2015-present)Nicaragua Protests (2018-present)Tigray Military Intervention2020-2021 Belarusian protests2021 Russian Protests2021 Myanmar protests2021 Greek protests2020 Artsakh War2022 Russian invasion of UkraineLachin Blockade (2022-present)2023 Israel–Hamas war
    File:South Africa-icon.png Republic of South Africa - Unity in Diversity File:South Africa-icon.png
    Provinces and dependencies File:Western Cape-icon.png Western CapeballFile:Northern Cape-icon.png Northern CapeballFile:Eastern Cape-icon.png Eastern CapeballFile:Free State-icon (South Africa).png Free StateballFile:KwaZulu-Natal-icon.png KwaZulu-NatalballFile:Gauteng-icon.png GautengballFile:Northwest-icon (South Africa).png NorthwestballFile:Limpopo-icon.png LimpopoballFile:Mpumalanga-icon.png MpumalangaballFile:Robben Island-icon.png Robben IslandballFile:South African Antarctica-icon.png Marion Islandball
    Capitals File:Pretoria-icon.png PretoriaballFile:Bloemfontein-icon.png BloemfonteinballFile:Cape Town-icon.png Cape TownballFile:Johannesburg-icon.png Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8ballFile:Kingdom of Zimbabwe-icon.png Kingdom of Mapungubweball Dutch Cape ColonyballFile:Zulu-icon.png NdwandweballFile:Natalia Republic-icon.png Natalia RepublicballFile:Griqualand West-icon.png Griqualand WestballFile:Griqualand East-icon.png Griqualand EastballFile:Goshen-icon.png GoshenballFile:Stellaland-icon.png StellalandballFile:German South-West Africa-icon.png UpingtoniaballFile:Nieuwe Republiek-icon.png Nieuwe RepubliekballFile:South African Republic-icon.png Klein VrystaatballFile:Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu KingdomballFile:Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free StateballFile:South African Republic-icon.png TransvaalballFile:Colony of Natal-icon.png Colony of NatalballFile:Cape Colony-icon.png Cape ColonyballFile:British Transvaal-icon.png British TransvaalballFile:Union of South Africa-icon.png Union of South AfricaballFile:Union of South Africa-icon.png Bantustanballs
    Tsamina mina eh eh wakka wakka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa, This time for Africa!
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