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    But, I just want my life back!
    — Stan Marsh from South Park
    Either it's ALL okay or NONE of it is.
    — Kyle Broflovski from South Park
    Alright, that does it! Screw you guys, I'm going home.
    — Eric Cartman from South Park
    [muffled speech]
    — Kenny McCormick from South Park
    I'm going down to South Park,
    Gonna have myself a time.
    Friendly faces everywhere,
    Humble folks without temptation!
    I'm going down to South Park,
    Gonna leave my woes behind.
    Ample parking day or night,
    People spouting "Howdy neighbor!"
    Heading on up to South Park,
    Gonna see if I can't unwind.
    I love girls with big fat t***ies,
    I love girls with deep v*****s!
    So come on down to South Park,
    And meet some friends of mine!
    — Les Claypool, Trey Parker and Matt Stone singing South Park theme
    Oh my god! They killed Kenny! You bastards!
    — Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh after someone or something kills Kenny Mccormick
    Nanomachines, son!
    Senator Armstrong to Raiden

    Coloradoball can into Pacman is going down to South Park gonna have itself a time, can also into C everyone haha get it C a stateball of  USAball located mainly in the Rocky Mountains. Like Alaskaball, Washingtonball, Massachusettsball, Maineball, Californiaball, DCball, and Oregonball, it likes to smoke weed. It has lots of snowy mountains. Coloradoball likes to hike on them as well and put rocks on them. Its state is where TV show South Park takes place. It also has the lowest obesity rate except Cartman in USAball. It tends to be pretty cynical and it enjoys watching politics so it can go and make an episode making fun of it on South Park. It is usually depicted as addicted to marijuana, and sometimes as a hippie. Despite being called a hippie, it is actually pretty centrist.

    It is the "Centennial State" because it became a state during USAball's 100th anniversary (1876).


    Coloradoball was a 3ball claimed by Spanish Empireball in the 16th century as part of the provinces of Alta California and Nueva Mexico. USAball adopted it in 1876 as the 38th state. It can into gold and mountains.

    In 2023, Coloradoball and Maineball removed Donald Trump from their ballots becuase he violated the 14th Amendment, which states that anyone who has committed insurrection—like on January 6, 2021—were no longer allowed to hold office.

    How to draw

    Draw Coloradoball is almost simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes.
    2. Color them of this blue, white, this blue again
    3. Draw a red C
    4. Draw a yellow circle inside the C
    5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



    • Weedball - Where I get my weed from once the Tegridy Farms season comes to an end due to the winter.
    • Texasball - We created South Park together, however, it’s sort of a religious right-wing zealot. It's mostly chill however though.
    • Washingtonball - Like me, it was of first who could into weed in 2012.
    • Arizonaball - Good friend, part of Four Corners. It tried, and now he can also into weed.
    • Nebraskaball - We of good friends tho it tickets me on its interstate. Huskers and Broncos!
    • Colorado Springsball - My other big city, has the Air Force Academy, and many other airbases. It doesn't like weed though and is more conservative than me.
    • Canadaball (SOMETIMES)- It is my relative but South Park is against it. But I am glad that you enjoyed the parts that involve you.
    • Oklahomaball - Same right-wing zealot as Texas, but at least thanks to it I don't have to border with Texas. It’s chill mostly though, and legalized weed SO THANK YOU!


    • Utahball - We both have mountains and are part of the Four Corners, but it is a religious (Mormon) zealot and doesn't appreciate my love for weed. Well, recreational anyway. Go do your praying in that stupid salt lake of yours. At least it isn’t rude and is actually pretty nice.
    • Arkansasball - Home of Walmart and about the same amount of incest as Alabama. Mr. Garrison comes from its clay! However it’s kinda a pervert like The King of Incest, it’s chill when it’s not acting like a stereotypical southerner. ALSO, I LOVE BILL CLINTON THANK YOU FOR THAT!
    • Wyomingball - My non existent conservative little sibling who has more in common with Texasball than me but eh, he’s okay. BUT LEGALIZE WEED!
    • Philippinesball - WHY DID YUO HATE WEED?!?! But, it is a far away sibling.


    • Californiaball - Stop invading my clay with your ultra-liberal big government politics that fucked up your state, and driving up house prices! If you love high taxes, keep them in your state! Texasball might be a redneck zealot but it is 10x better than you.
    • Mexicoball - Bad parent, removing drugs. Yuo cannot remove them all!
    • Rhode Islandball - Learn how to make better shows next time, since Family Guy is an extremely lazy comedy and isn’t funny. Like California, Russia, and China, you ain’t got ‘Tegridy.
    • CSAball - Don't you know how to act? Slavery is useless, just like you. You kept stealing Arizona and New Mexico from our 'West Club' No Dixies aloud in the Great Rockies!
    • Visitors and Kevern "Baby Fark McGee-zax" Zaksor (not enemies to the former anymore, but mostly to the latter) - FUCK YOU FOR ABDUCTING IKE BROFLOVSKI AND FUCK YOU TOO FOR STEALING YOUR SO-CALLED "SPACE CASH"!!!! FINLAND NEVER WOULD'VE BEEN NUKED IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU CRASHING INTO EARTH'S CLAY AND DEPOSIT YOUR "SPACE CASH" AS A RESERVE IN FINLAND'S CLAY!!! Wait the latter was actually an interspace ambassador just offering to give me your space cash because its high worth was humanity's ticket to join this interspace version of the UN!?! REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE REMOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But other than that I'm okay with you Visitors now because you can talk to the cows in this episode and then praise them like some sort of god.
    • Donald Trump - Yuo of commit insurrection, so I remove yuo from ballot!


    • Coloradoball is not actually a rectangle. They have 697 sides.
    • Even though Colorado's flag has text (the letter C), it still looks good.
    • It used to be the least obese states in USAball. It still is one of the least obese states, however.
    • Coloradoball had a worst high school shooting incident known as Columbine High School massacre in 1999 the tragedy of it lead to became worst history of it, as well in USAball history.


    zh:科羅拉多球 pt:Coloradoball

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