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    Congress Polandball was a congress historical Countryball of Polandball back when it was under the rule of Russian Empireball.


    In 1807, Saxonyball, Poland-Lithuaniaball's friend, founded a state called the Duchy of Warsawball under the reign of Frederick Augustus I. After Napoleon's defeat in 1815, with the effects of the Congress of Vienna, Europe was re-drawn and Polandball became  Russian Empireball's puppet state, although it would be more so a personal union, as the emperor of  Russian Empireball was the King of Poland as well.

    Despite having a separate government and Constitution, it was dissatisfied with the outcome and tried to rebel. Around this time, a certain  Belgiumball was rebelling against  Netherlandsball and succeeded. Unlike it, however, it failed and Russian Empireball took away its Constitution, Sejm, and army. It tried to rebel again in 1863, and although it was successful, it failed again and Russian Empireball punished it even more, eventually to the point of becoming a mere province ( Vistula Landball).

    During World War I, with the promise of independence, Congress Polandball joined the war against German Empireball (who was  Prussiaball’s child) and Austria-Hungaryball, who also had some Poles fighting on their side. When Warsawball was captured, Congress Polandball turned into the puppet  Kingdom of Polandball, who was under German Empireball’s control to better manage it against Russiaball. After the war, Kingdom of Polandball would finally into independent and changed its name to Polish Republicball.





    • Russian Empireball - why did yuo get rid of me after my people revolted and why did you replace My language with yuo vodka language? Didn’t even give me a coast. But yuo are gone now! HA!

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a blue cross in the shape of the letter X
    3. Draw a red square with a white eagle with a crown.
    4. Draw the eyes and you're done.



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