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    Countryballs or СтраноШары (prounced StranoShary) is a Russian animated series of Internet-based meme Polandball created by Devils Bones.

    Uncanonical moments

    Many things are wrong and breaking Polandball rules with this animated series, alike many others. Eyebrows are shown, countryballs are talking, countryballs have mouths and hands. From 1st to 8th episodes Poland had a white-red flag. Beginning from the 9th episode it was fixed.

    Local (special to this series) memes

    • Jamaicball the hero - when the world is very close to nuclear war or disaster, or when someone thinks about his evil plans to conquer the world, Jamaicaball gives weed to everyone and everyone calms down.
    • Bulba (potato in Belarusian) - Belarusball realy loves potatoes and forces everyone to buy its potato. It even may kill if someone refuses to buy its potato. Please don't refuse! Don't make Belarusball mad!


    N. Original name Name in English Release date Main characters
    1. Санкции против Америки Sanctions against America April 2, 2014 Greeceball, Crimeaball, Brazilball, USAball
    2. Бедная польша Poor Poland April 4, 2014 Polandball, USAball, Jamaicaball, Netherlandsball
    3. Крым няш-мяш и долги Испании Crimea nyash-myash and debts of Spain April 8, 2014 Crimeaball, Soviet Unionball, Nazi Germanyball, Spainball
    4. Ямайка спасёт мир Jamaica will save the world April 19, 2014 Nazi Germanyball, USAball, Jamaicaball
    5. Германия развлеклась Germany entertained April 30, 2014 Germanyball, Nazi Germanyball, Polandball, Belarusball
    6. Украина чешет манту Ukraine scratches Mantoux May 21, 2014 Reichtangle, Russian Empireball, USAball, Ukraineball
    7. Хитрый Израиль Tricky Israel June 16, 2014 Polandball, Israelcube, USAball
    8. Он живой He is alive July 26, 2014 Atlantisball, Polandball, Russiaball, Eurasian Unionball
    9. Польша МОЖЕТ в космос! Poland can into space! September 6, 2014 Inca Empireball, Spainball, Belarusball, Polandball
    10. Опять упоролся... Stoned again... December 11, 2014 Israelcube, USAball, Polandball, Jamaicaball
    11. Телемагазин TV Shop June 29, 2015 USAball, Reichtangle, Belarusball
    12. Опять сон? A dream again? July 5, 2015 Russiaball, Japanball, Belarusball, Italyball, Jamaicaball, Polandball, Reichtangle
    13. Новая Земля The new Earth August 20, 2015 Polandball, North Koreaball, Jamaicaball, USAball

    Tutorial videos

    N. Original name Name in English Release date
    1. Урок по рисованию Lesson on drawing September 18, 2014
    2. Урок по анимированию персонажа Lesson for animating characters September 20, 2014
    3. Как монтировать? How to mount? September 26, 2014

    Other Videos

    N. Original name Name in English Release date Main characters
    1. 10 000 как ни как :) 10,000 anyway :) September 22, 2014 USAball, Russiaball, Jamaicaball
    2. НГ КБ NY CB January 1, 2016 Russiaball, USAball, Polandball, Germanyball
    3. Міниатюра "Плохой Союзникъ" Miniature "Bad ally" January 29, 2016 Reichtangle, Kingdom of Italyball, Nazi Germanyball, Italyball, Germanyball


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