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    Daciaball was an mustached ancient countryball and the great-great-grandparent of Romaniaball and Moldovaball and is Today James May's Favorite car Maker.


    Daciaball had an uncommon political influence on its high priest, who is often able to make or break the authority of a ruler. In a way, it was more of a theocracy than a kingdom.

    Its central God was Zalmoxis - God of immortality. It was so fanatical in Zalmoxis' worship that it thinks it is immortal forever and that it cannot really die, because if it dies he joins Zalmoxis.

    This made Daciaball a ferocious opponent as it jad no fear of death. Herodotus noted that Daciaball was the bravest of the Thracians.

    We have conquered even these Dacians, the most warlike of all people that have ever existed, not only because of the strength in their bodies but, also due to the teachings of Zamolxis who is among their most hailed. He has told them that in their hearts they do not die, but change their location and, due to this, they go to their deaths happier than on any other journey.
    — Emperor Trajan of SPQRball


    Daciaball is an Indo-European people. the SPQRball referred to them as "Daci" while Ancient Greeceball referred to them as "Getae".

    The first mention of Daciaball was under King Rubobostes in 168 B.C. although there are mentions of Dacian Tribes up to the 7th century B.C.

    King Oroles successfully opposed Bastarnaeball, blocking their invasion into Transylvaniaball. Due to an initial failure, King Oroles punished his soldiers into sleeping at their wives' feet and doing the household chores. Subsequently, the now "highly motivated" Dacian army defeated the Bastarnaeballs and King Oroles lifted all sanctions.

    King Burebista was the first king who unified all Dacian tribes under one ruler. He is known for expanding Daciaball's clay, destroying all vineyards to make his Soldiers more disciplined, and for coming into conflict with SPQRball.

    At its height under King Burebista Daciaball's clay included areas over Tisa, Danube, Dniester rivers, Central Europe, Balkans, territories around the Adriatic Sea, Greek colonies around the Black Sea and the Eastern Thrace of the Aegean Sea. The Carpathian Mountains were in the middle of Daciaball. Corresponding to the present day countries of Romaniaball and Moldovaball, as well as parts of Ukraineball, Serbiaball, Bulgariaball, Slovakiaball and Hungaryball.

    After King Burebista's death in 44 B.C., the kingdom was divided into four, then five smaller kingdoms ruled by the religious elite, and the Dacian activity was reduced to a defensive state. Despite this division, the related tribes of Dacia fought together whenever they were threatened by a foreign attack.

    King Decebalus, the last King of Dacia, completly reunified all Dacian kingdoms like Burebista before him. He then fought 3 wars with SPQRball under 2 Emperors. In 89 A.D. he defeated a SPQRball invasion in the reign of Emperor Domitian, forcing SPQRball to pay tribute to Daciaball in exchange for peace, as well as securing a period of independence during which Decebalus consolidated his rule.

    When Emperor Trajan came to power in SPQRball, he invaded Daciaball again to end the shameful tribute that SPQRball had to pay as well as rob Daciaball as it was a rich kingdom, especially in gold. Decebalus was defeated in 102 A.D. but remained in power as a client king.

    This victory is probably the darkest victory SPQRball ever had, due to the crimes committed to Daciaball. Today, it would be accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

    Wanting to regain independence, Decebalus rebeled against SPQRball in 105 but was defeated in 106 and Daciaball was absorbed into SPQRball. Decebalus committed suicide to avoid capture.

    The capital of Daciaball, Sarmizegetusaball, located in modern Romaniaball, was destroyed by SPQRball, but its name was added to that of the new city (Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa) built by the latter to serve as the capital of the Roman province of Dacia.

    According to Lactantius, a Christian and adviser to Constantine, Galerius affirmed his Dacian identity and exhibited an anti-Roman attitude treating the Roman citizens with ruthless cruelty, like the conquerors treated the conquered, all in the name of the same treatment that the victorious Trajan had applied to the conquered Dacians, forefathers of Galerius, two centuries before, even proposing that the empire should be called, not the Roman, but the Dacian Empire, much to the horror of the patricians and senators. This didn't happen and he died in 311 due to a moral disease, possibly a form of cancer or gangrene.

    (Great News, The Dacia Sandero Is in The Uk since 2010)



    • Romaniaball and Moldovaball - Aww, they grow up so fast!! But you forgot of true religion! Go back to being Zamolxis! Zamolxism > Christianity.
    • Getaeball - Closest sibling, it also gave me my great king Burebista.
    • Ancient Greeceball - Good friend and trade partner.
    • Illyriaball - We're mostly peaceful to each other and it hates SPQRball as much as I do.
    • Odrysiaball - Even though I anschlussed your kingdom under Burebista's rule, we share the same religion and we really hate the stinky romans. Sadly, it was anschlussed by the stinky perverted Latins of SPQR in 46 AD.


    • SPQRball - This ******* ******** who ****** ****** ******** ******** and its ************ ********** *** ***** ******* ***** ******* ****** ***** ******** ************* ******** you cannot spell SPQRball without ********.


    1. Rubobostes: The beginning of the 2nd century B.C. (Unknown Dynasty)
    2. Oroles: The first half of the 2nd century B.C. (Unknown Dynasty)
    3. Burebista: 82 - 44 B.C. (Burebista Dynasty-incomplete)
    4. Cotiso: 44 - 27 B.C. (Unknown Dynasty)
    5. Comosicus: 27 B.C. - 29 A.D. (Unknown Dynasty)
    6. Scorilo: 29 - 69 A.D. (Duras-Diurpaneus Dynasty)
    7. Duras: 69 - 87 A.D. (Duras-Diurpaneus Dynasty)
    8. Decebalus: 87 - 106 A.D. (Duras-Diurpaneus Dynasty)

    How to draw

    Draw Daciaball is almost simple:

    1. Draw a circle (Whatever color)
    2. Draw a Dacian Draco between the bottom of the circle and the middle of the circle
    3. Draw eyes and you're finished



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