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    Eurasian Unionball, also known as the Second Soviet Union Eurasian Economic Unionball, is an economic union between Russiaball, Belarusball, Kazakhbrick, and later, Armeniaball, Kyrgyzstanball. He hopes to become a rival with EUball, but has a long way to go before that happens.

    The Eurasian Unionball gives an economic and political boost for its members like giving its members free trade zones and shared currency.

    He is Soviet Unionball's heir (EUball thinking).



    Other members

    • Armeniaball - Was thinking about having a partnership with EUball, but decided to go for Eurasian Unionball, because only Russia can understand his in his problems.
    • Kyrgyzstanball - Joined because he wanted Russia to protect him from Uzbekistanball.

    Observer members

    • Abkhaziaball - Good friend. But he is of not recognized so he has to wait.
    • South Ossetiaball- Same as Abkhazia
    • Moldovaball - It is of OK. I want its to join but it and Russia have a complicated relationship.

    Soon to be members:





    • Georgiaball - Stop of claimings on Abkhazia and South Osetia and then we will talk
    • Azerbaijanball - Stop of claimings on Nagorno-Karabakh and then we will talk
    • Ukraineball - Stop of claimings on Novorossiya and Crimea, YOU WILL JOIN US!!
    • USAball - He wants to destroy me because I can into Middle and North Asia. FUCK YUO!!!!! 


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