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    The First Syrian Republicball, officially the Syrian Republicball, was formed in 1930 as a component of a French mandate, replacing the State of Syriaball, gaining independence in 1963 1946 and ended by getting a new constitution, forming the Second Syrian Republicball.


    A treaty between the French was proposed around the 1940´s to give First Syrian Republicball independence, Free Franceball refused.

    Then, In 1941 after the Allies invaded the First Syrian Republicball and as Vichy Franceball started getting liberated, it started gradually getting independent, even getting recognized in 1945. And in 1946, Franceball withdrew their troops, granting the First Syrian Republicball full indepencence from them.

    Only 4 years later (1950), a new constitution was put in place ending the First Syrian Republicball and forming the Second Syrian Republicball.