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    Ilkhanateball feels Ill was a Mongol state and a khanate that lasted from 1256-1335. It was the greatest kebab remover until he became a kebab itself, it was removed by rebels. It failed to invade Arabian peninsula because of Mamlukball, the greatest kebab defender of the time.




    • Yuanball - Youngest sibling. We're not the best of friends but we teamed up with against Chagataiball.
    • Kingdom of Franceball - It requested an alliance with me but I was not of interested.


    • Golden Hordeball - Damn you annoying sibing! You teamed with my enemy Mamluk to attack me just because I sacked Baghdad?! And you made me ill by throwing infected bodies on my land!!!
    • Chagatai Khanateball - Dumb sibling who challenge war against me and lost! Hehe!
    • Mamlukball - My SOON to being slaves! How dare you try to protect Abbasidball's clay?!
    • Abbasidball - It didn't pay tribute to my parent! Well f*ck you, I sacked Baghdadball!

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Color it yellow.
    3. Draw a red square in the middle.
    4. Draw eyes and you're finished.


    Türkmenistan The Land That Rules by a Dictator
    District Ahalball Ashgabatball Awazaball Balkanball Darvazaball Daşoguzball Lebapball Maryball Türkmenabatball
    Former Entities

    Migrants from South (Steppe Peoples) Bukhar Khudahball Principality of Farghanaball Samanid Empireball Ghaznavid Empireball Seljuk Empireball Ghurid Dynastyball Abbasidball Qara Khitaiball Khwarazmian dynastyball Chagatai Khanateball Mongol Empireball Ilkhanateball Kurt dynastyball Timurid Empireball Khanate of Bukharaball Safavid dynastyball Emirate of Bukharaball Afsharid dynastyball Khanate of Khivaball Russian Turkestanball Turkestan ASSRball Khorezm SSRball Turkmen SSRball


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