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    Hiduplah Indonesia Raya! (Long live Great Indonesia!)
    Indonesiaball about to singing its anthem

    Kebab Polandball Indonesiaball, officially known as the Republic of Indonesiaball, is the largest countryball in Southeast Asia which it has a size of 1.905 million km², made up of about 18,307 islands officially, the second largest unitary countryball in the world, and the second-largest by area in Oceania. It is also one of the founding members of ASEANball and Non Alligned Movement during the start of the Cold War.

    It is also member of UNball, G20, G77, and OICball. In 2023, it has a population of 281.1 million inhabitants, the 4th most populous countryball in the world.

    It is also known for being the most populous countryball of Kebab population as well.

    In 2001, Indonesiaball had into female leadership!

    Just like its British sibling Malaysiaball, it can into plane fail.

    Like Omanball and Indiaball, it uses "Free and Active policies", not taking sides in the conflict from the Major powers, Now it looks like Switzerlandball and Tringapore.

    Sejarah (History)

    Due to length, Indonesiaball’s history has been moved to Indonesiaball/History

    Kepribadian (Personality)

    Indonesiaball is a countryball that have red (formerly dark red) and white area on skin. Due to this, it is often mistaken for Polandball or Monacoball, which it finds very annoying. What makes it different from Polandball, or Monacoball is that it is often seen wearing either the rice hat or a Songkok/Kopiah.

    Songkok/Kopiah is a kebab black hat on Indonesiaball, derived from the fact that Indonesia has the biggest kebab population in the world. This means it is quite religious, but it is moderate and very tolerant of other cultures and religions. Even though it can also be somewhat superstitious at times.

    It is one of Netherlandsball's two Asian adoptive children (the other one being Taiwanball's Taiwan Provinceball) and has lots of territorial disputes with its neighbors. It is a close relative of Malaysiaball, Tringapore, and Bruneiball.

    It is generally quite friendly and would go along with pretty much everyone. Indonesiaball is also usually quite relaxed and has a positive outlook on life. It has quite a taste bud, as can be seen from the many types of food he enjoys eating.

    It is also very defensive of its borders and likes to explode boats that illegally entered its sea. It is also VERY serious about maintaining its sovereignty and unity. It is the only countryball that had left UNball, because of It became a Non-Permanent Security Council member during the Confrontation.

    Hubungan (Relationships)

    Due to the length of this section, it has been moved to its own separate page.

    Bola provinsi (Provinceballs)

    Indonesia is divided into 6 main regions, namely Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda Islands), Sulawesi (Celebes), and Papua (New Guinea).

    Kutipan (Quotes)

    Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)
    Indonesiaball's national motto
    — Happy Indonesian noises
    — Suzzanna from Sundel Bolong (1981)
    Kenapa kamu tanya begitu? Siapa yang suruh?
    D.N. Aidit
    PAN PAN PAN, selalu terdepan! PAN PAN PAN pasti ada harapan.
    PAN PAN PAN hidup semakin mapan! PAN PAN PAN bareng Zulfiki Hasaaaaan!
    — The National Mandate Party's song, "PAN PAN PAN TerdePAN", which was used during the 2024 elections campaign period


    • It was under Dutch rule for 350 years and Japanese occupation for 3.5 years.
    • Indonesiaball has the most active volcanoes in the world and that's why it's always erupting.
    • It is the largest countryball in Southeast Asia.
    • It used to be a Kebab Remover like their grandparent until Islam became the largest religion in its clay. until now part of their provinces was also into Remove Kebab.
    • It is only member that in UNball that ever left the organization because of Malaysiaball being put into Non-Permanent Security Council.
    • It was the first Asian country to participate in the FIFA World Cup (though it was a colony of the Netherlandsball at that time), but they lost to 6-0 to Hungaryball.
    • Unlike its neighbour, it is doesn't recognize Kosovoball. Albaniaball is really mad at it because it is also kebab.
    • Unlike other countryballs in Southeast Asia, it is the only countryball in the region to be in the G20 group.
    • It is the only ASEANcoin member and the only Asian countryball that banned all Communist symbols. It is also one of the 2 only countries that banned all Communist symbols, with the other one being Ukraineball.
    • It has over 100 endangered animals yes Komodo is my spesial thing wkwkwkwk.
    • It was the first Southeast Asian countryball and Second Asian countryball to get invaded and bombed by USAball since 1958 after the Korean War.
    • In 1970s-1990s Infamous Kidnapping jeep car of its clay hundreds of kids and people in their clay was traumatized during that year.
    • It can into the most corrupt world leader in the world (Suharto).
    • It has many potential future province candidates.
      • In Sumatra, the candidate provinces that qualify to become new provinces are Samudra Paseball, Tapanuliball, Nias Islandsball, Western Riau Islandsball and Anambas Natuna Islandsball, which might be separated from Acehball, North Sumatraball and Riau Islands Provinceball.
      • In Kalimantan, the candidate province that might qualify to become a new province is Kapuas Rayaball, which mightbe seperated from West Kalimantanball.
      • In Sulawesi, the candidate province that might qualify to become a new province is Bolaang Mongondow Rayaball, which might be seperated from North Sulawesiball.
      • In the Nusa Tenggara islands, the candidate province that might qualify to become a new province is Sumbawaball and West Timorball, which will be seperated from West Nusa Tenggaraball and East Nusa Tenggaraball.
    • It used to have the shortest average height in the world until Boliviaball suprassed it.
    • It is the largest country in Southeast Asia (in size and provinces), and it's the 14th largest countryball in the world (only surpassed by Mexicoball.)
    • It has many Indomaret and Alfamart stores, and all of its provinces have them, except for West Sumatraball, because West Sumatraball wants to protect its local businesses.
    • Indonesia is sometimes called a neutral country by some because of it using "Free and Active" politics and hating wars just like Indiaball and Omanball.

    Informasi untuk pelukis (Information for artists)

    Warna bendera (Flag colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Red (pure HTML red) 255, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K0 #FF0000
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Cara menggambar (How to draw)

    To draw Indonesiaball is easy as drawing Polandball or Monacoball:

    1. Draw the ball.
    2. Make a red divider in the middle, then fill the upper half with red.
    3. Draw the eyes.

    Galeri (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Indonesiaball.

    Click here to see it.

    Lihat lain (See also)

    zh:印度尼西亚球 pl:Indonesiaball id:Bola Indonesia pt:Indonésiaball ko:인도네시아공 es:Indonesiaball ru:Индонезия

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