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    Tarybinę Lietuvą liaudis sukūrė,
    Už laisvę ir tiesą kovojus ilgai.
    Kur Vilnius, kur Nemunas, Baltijos jūra,
    Ten klesti mūs miestai, derlingi laukai.
    Lithuanian SSRball singing her anthem

    Lithuanian SSRball is the countryball that represents the Socialist Soviet Republic of Lithuania.


    Lithuanian SSRball was part once of the Russian Empireball, but when the Allies made the Treaty of Versailles, Lithuaniaball, followed by Estoniaball, Latviaball and Polandball, got their independence, until 1934, when the Soviet Unionball invaded them. Then, Nazi Germanyball invaded them again in 1940. It was occupied by Nazi Germanyball with its siblings, and became Nazi Lithuaniaball and they were annexed into the Reichskommissariat Ostlandball, but in 1944 the Soviets took them away from Nazi rule. In 1990/91, when  my parent died, Lithuaniaball gained independence.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Rosso corsa 206, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K19 #CE0000
    Green 0, 153, 51 C100-M0-Y67-K40 #009933
    Gold 255, 216, 0 C0-M15-Y100-K0 #FFD800
    White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF




    • PR Polandball - Well! Well Well...
    • Turkeyball - It looks like I am the only one that can help your problems! Because I am not like the other republics you know!


    • USAball - I'm secretly your friend... 
    • UKball - I'm secretly your friend too.
    • West Germanyball - ALL I WANT IS TO SEE YOU UNIFIED! I'm secretly your friend.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Lithuanian SSRball.

    Click here to see it.

    pl:Lithuanian SSRball

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