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    Firme y feliz por la unión
    Few romances can ever surpass that of the granite citadel on top of the beetling precipices of Machu Picchu, the crown of Inca Land.
    Hiram Bingham III
    little by little, one walks far
    Peruvian proverb
    Somos libres, seamoslo siempre, seamoslo siempre! Y ante niege, sus luces, sus luces, sus luces el sol!
    — Peruvians proudly singing their national anthem
    He's the sovereign lord of the nation

    He's the hippest cat in creation
    He's the alpha, the omega, A to Z
    And this perfect world will spin, around his every little whim
    'Cause this perfect world begins and ends with...
    What's his name? KUZCOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Tom Jones singing about Emperor Kuzco, Emperor's New Groove

    Peruball, officially the Republic of North Peruball, is a countryball in western South America. Its closest neighbors are Brazilball to the east, Colombiaball to the north, Ecuadorball to the northwest, Chileball to the south, Revel province Boliviaball to the southeast and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The country is divided into 24 departments (25 if you include Callaoball, and 26 if you include his rebellious province [[Boliviaball| Boliviaball]]). Its capital is Limaball (which has 43 districts)..

    He currently maintains an active membership in OASball, Pacific Allianceball, and of course UNball, like most other nations.

    Peruball has had many wars throughout its history, losing and gaining regaining territory, According to him, it is one of the richest countries, and would be a power if it were not for its rulers, and which according to him occupied almost all of South America. Despite its chauvinistic behavior, it is one of the most hospitable and friendly balls in the world.

    Nowadays he welcomes Venezuelan refugees chamos o venecos, Colombian and Bolivian bolitas (recently Ecuadorians) immigrants to live in his. Its national day is July 28th.


    Peruball is kind, Llamaholic, rich and stronk, he usually makes many friends in the world. He is kind of smart and likes agriculture. He also takes religion far too seriously, since he loves going to the church.

    He has developed PTSD from any symbol or representation of socialism, communism and/or leftism because of 2 rebel organizations called "Sendero Luminoso" and "Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru" which committed various atrocities and crimes against the people living in the central regions of the country, causing his people to develop a strong hatred for far-left ideologies, and sometimes even of any left-wing ideology, even if it's moderate or not socialist/communist.

    He also gets mad when people confuse him for Canadaball.


    A short history of Peru

    Due to length, Peruball’s history has been moved to Peruball/History

    Information for Artists

    The Flag of Peruball was first adopted by the Government of Peruball in 1824 but later modified just 126 years later in 1950. The flag features a tricolour. The colours being red on the right and left of the flag while white in the middle.

    In most flag appearances, to prevent confusion, there is the Coat of Arms of Peruball in the middle of the flag. The Coat of Arms of Peruball has a shield with the vicuña with a “celestial blue” background in the top left of the shield, a Cinchona officinalis (cinchona tree) with a white background in the top right of the shield, and finally a cornucopia with coins coming out of it in the bottom of the shield which has a red background. The shield is surrounded by two plants, a laurel, and a palm branch, which are tied together with red and white ribbon.

    Don't get confused with the Canadaball’s flag as both have similar colours and designs, except for that the Flag of Canadaball features a larger white stripe and a maple leaf in the middle.

    It can also be accessorized with a chullo.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX Pantone
    Red (Lava) 217, 16, 35 C0-M93-Y84-K15 #D91023 186
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF N/A

    How to Draw

    Peruball is quite easy to draw, in fact, most people drawing Peruball don't need a tutorial, but if you don't think it's easy then look at this tutorial.

    1. Draw a circle (NO CIRCLE TOOL).
    2. Color the circle with red.
    3. Draw a thick white line in the middle. The thickness should allow for two equal bands of red on both sides.
    4. Give it some eyes and there you go, you are finished!


    Due to the length of the page, this section has been moved to Peruball/Relationships

    Departments of Peru (Loh departamentoh)

    Peruball has a total of 24 departments, and a constitutional province which is Callaoball (does not belong to any department).
    Peruball's regional departments
    1. Amazonasball - Although its name says 'Amazonas', its capital is located in the Andes Mountains. Hates Ecuadorball because of the Cenepa issue.
    2. Ancashball - He hates earthquakes and avalanches, also seems to really like high mountains, fishing and gain tourists.
    3. Apurímacball - He is very close to Cuzcoball, he likes trees and rivers.
    4. Arequipaball - He is very proud of himself and he is positioned above other balls, he also wants to be independent. No independence for yuo!
    5. Ayacuchoball - He has been traumatised by the armed conflict (1980-2000), although he is trying to overcome it.
    6. Cajamarcaball - He misses to be part of the Inca Empireball. Although it was also an important center for Spanish Empireball during the colonial period.
    7. Callaoball - He likes cooking ceviche and stealing, and also gets along badly with his brother Limaball.
    8. Cuzcoball - It has one of the wonders of the world, it is also one of the best known stateballs outside of Peruball.
    9. Huancavelicaball - Like Limaball but he has many colonial places.
    10. Huánucoball - He loves his parks, they are one of the best things to him.
    11. Icaball - Hates earthquakes so much, he loves beaches and the night.
    12. Junínball - He loves papa a la huancaina so much.
    13. La Libertadball - Around 3 cultures of the Inca Empireball controlled his clay.
    14. Lambayequeball - His clay is very hot, in fact most of his clay is desert, beach and nothingness.
    15. Limaball - The capital of Peru, he loves panettone and Inca Kola, he usually shops everyday.
    16. Loretoball - He is the most developed department on the Peruvian part of the Amazon Rainforest.
    17. Madre de Diosball - One of the most urbanized areas on Peru, he is in the amazon rainforest and borders Boliviaball and Brazilball.
    18. Moqueguaball - Has beautiful mountains, he was once part of Chileball but there were some riots and it was ceded to Peruball once again.
    19. Pascoball - Kinda poor but has many resources inside of his clay.
    20. Piuraball - Good place for Malagasy and Chifles
    21. Punoball - Many people living on his clay are dying because of the winter, it is very cold there.
    22. San Martínball - Another beautiful department, his capital copied Nigeria's flag.
    23. Tacnaball - Another department that was ceded back to Peruball on 1931 after the riots.
    24. Tumbesball - He has so many beautiful beaches and close to the equator so there is a beautiful sunset. He will soon anschluss Guayaquilball
    25. Ucayaliball - He borders most of Brazil, not so developed but has amazing rivers.
    26. Peruvian Antarcticaball - Cannot into existings... hope it will pronto though.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Peruball.

    Click here to see it.

    de:Perukugel es:Perúball pt:Peruball ru:Перу ar:الكرة بيرو zh:秘鲁球 it:Perùball la:Peruviapila ro:Peruball zu:EPeruibhola fr:Pérouballe

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