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    The Rwandan Genocide was the genocidal mass slaughter of the Tutsi minority in Rwandaball by Hutu Majority-Militias.

    The Genocide originated from the Colonization of Rwanda by Belgiumball. The Tutsi were treated by the Belgians as Superior to the Hutu Majority, because they were more willing to accept Western Customs and Way of Life, while Hutus refused to assimilate. The Belgians placed Tutsis in many High-Ranking Positions, while the Hutu were hardly given any Recognition. This caused Hutu Resentment against the Tutsi Population, which had previously lived side by side in peaceful Harmony.

    In 1962, Belgiumball freed Rwanda from Foreign Rule. The little nation became Independent.

    The Tutsi, however, still had an Economic and Political Advantage to the Hutu Majority. Hutus felt angry at their Tutsi Leaders, who they associated with the Upper Class. Pogroms broke out against the Tutsis.

    A Radio Station called RTLM was very popular in Rwandaball. RTLM was operated by Hutu Supremacists, who regularly repeated Hate Speech against Tutsi, for instance, they named Tutsis as "Cockroaches". The Rwandan Populace was mainly illiterate and so they used the Radio for News. The RTLM became very Popular and stirred up Anti-Tutsi Feelings among Hutus.

    In 1993, a Plane carrying the Hutu Presisents of Rwandaball and Burundiball was shot down out of the Sky, killing both Presidents. Nobody knows who did it.

    Hutu Supremacists in Rwanda and Burundi accused the Tutsis of carrying out the Plane Attacks. Burundiball slid into a Civil War between the Tutsi-Dominated Military and the Hutu-Majority Government, leaving thousands dead in the Genocidal Violence that Followed.

    The Burundi Genocide angered Hutus in Rwanda. A Hutu Militia called the Interahamwe called for an "Uprising" against the Tutsis to "Reclaim Mother Rwanda". The Interahamwe started numerous Massacres of Tutsi Villages. The RTLM, many of whose members were part of the Militia, publicly encouraged Hutus to join the Interahamweball and kill all Tutsis in sight. Moderate Hutus who refused to do so were called Traitors by the RTLM, which told the Hutu Masses to kill them as well. Hutus had had years of Anti-Tutsi Resentment stuffed inside their Brains by the RTLM, so the Rwandan Genocide Began.

    The Interahamwe ended up killing 800,000 Tutsis and Moderate Hutus in a Hundred Days until Tutsu Rebels captured the Capital of Kigaliball. That's 80,000 people every day.


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