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    |-|Profile =
    File:Livony and shining lgballt.png

    Hi. I'm Shiningflair. You can call me Shining for short or Sandy.

    I found this wiki in October or November 2020 but didn't start editing until about a year later. I'm a fan of history, geopolitics, drawing, reading, editing, learning LGBTQ+ terminology, and hanging out with my friends, both online and in real life. You can contact me on the Discord server or on my talk page at any time- I'm quite active on both sites and will definitely respond soon. I'm also a student so I'm busy with schoolwork a lot during the school year, so you know what I'm doing if I'm slow to respond.

    PBW Administrator (running for Bureaucrat) and Admin on the PBW Discord.


    Early Days

    I first found the Polandball Wiki in November 2020, after discovering the concept of Polandball in September. I started using the wiki as a reference when I drew countryballs and went on here frequently to look at the artwork and read summaries. I joined the Polandball Wiki Discord Server around the same time but left right after joining for a reason I can't remember.

    Rejoining the Server

    In mid-July 2021, I rejoined the PBWDS. This time I stayed around and started becoming active in August. One week into August, I was promoted to Advisor by File:Catgirl Theologian-icon.png Melody during a promotion wave as she was stepping down. Over the course of August, I became more active and the PBWDS quickly became my mainstay server. In September, I was invited to the Sis Code, a group chat that was made by File:Catgirl Theologian-icon.png Melody with several other people, and I became closer to there and the PBWDS.

    August 2021 to Present-day

    In mid-October, an incident happened when I took a break for five days from Discord. With the extra time, I started to contribute to the wiki, and slowly started a habit of logging in frequently, which has continued to today. In January I was promoted to Head Councilor on the PBWDS and Administrator on the PBW, and in February to Moderator, then to Head Moderator, where I continue to be to this day.

    August 2022 shenanigans

    Oh boy, this was a really interesting week for me. Where should I start?

    Well, to begin, on August 9, File:Catgirl Theologian-icon.png Melody unexpectedly left the server due to a multitude of issues they were going through. The next morning on August 10, I learned of their argument and subsequent falling out with Tgc and why it happened. (Go check the Polandball Wiki:Timeline#Second_August_crisis_-_The_server_schism for more details). Later that night, I learned of the whole plan to move servers, did nothing but worry and think about it for the next six days, and concocted a whole plan to prevent the server move along with the help of a dozen other members.

    Buuuuut it turns out that on Saturday, August 13, Tgc had transferred ownership of the server to me, deleted his Discord account, and disappeared for the next three days and it wasn't until I contacted him on Twitter that I found out what had happened. So, I was the owner of the PBWDS for three whole days before I noticed. In my defense, he did not tell me or any of the other staff what he'd done. I have NO idea why. I found out I was the owner after I was verifying someone into the server and I noticed I could assign them the roles above head moderator when previously, I hadn't been able to touch those. (Assigning roles on mobile was how I was able to notice, so thanks for once, Discord mobile.)

    I found this very weird, so after hunting through the audit log, I found out that Tgc had transferred ownership to me three days previously. Tgc also told me on Twitter he'd transferred ownership to me but I saw that after going on the audit log. I told everyone and gave Melody ownership about two hours later when she came online, and that was over. Oh, and I also promoted myself to admin, after another admin suggested I do so.

    So that's how that all happened, and how I was the owner for three whole days without noticing. It was a rollercoaster of a week and I'll likely never forget it.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Grass Green 64, 195, 99 67, 0, 49, 24 #40c363
    Rose pink 238, 100, 199 0, 58, 16, 7 #ee64c7

    Accessory Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Charcoal Gray 59, 52, 52 0, 12, 12, 77 #3B3434
    Gray 154, 160, 166 7, 4, 0, 35 #9AA0A6

    How to Draw Me

    1. First draw a circle (no circle tool please!)

    2. Draw the inside of it green, using the shade in the flag color table.

    3. Draw three diamonds down the middle and two across, touching the second diamond in the middle. They do not have to be the exact same size but try to make it as close as you can. The diamonds have to touch the top, bottom, and sides of the ball.

    4. Draw a blank baseball cap with the same pink as the main color, the same green as the button and dotted lines, dark gray as inside, and light gray for the sandwich part (see the flag color table for reference)



    |-| Friends =File:Livony-icon.png Livony
    My dear friend Livony, you're my bestest friend on the PBW and one of the best people I've met on Discord! You are just incredibly amazing and I feel blessed to have met you. You've helped me improve my art, navigate through difficult times, and just been a great person all around, from the very beginning. I love hanging out with you and I wish us happy times together in the future. We both like Polandball, LGBallT, drawing, and we're both against any form of bigotry. I'm so happy I joined so I could meet you, and find someone who can I just chill with together without judgment. <33

    Lumi, you amazing person! You're one of the kindest, most caring and compassionate, and least annoying people I've met. You are simply awesome and I'm so glad to have met you. You've helped make my experience on the PBWDS a great one due to your compassion and kindness and I miss you every day. Remember your friends care for you and I hope the best for you. <3

    File:Catgirl Theologian-icon.png Melody
    MELODYYY! You truly are an amazing owner. I'm so happy to have joined the PBWDS and become staff here so I could have met you. I wasn't here during its toxic era, but I'm glad that you helped clean it up so that the PBWDS could become an opening, welcome place for me. I'm glad to be here and hope to make many more memories and have lots of fun in the future. :D

    File:Carlo-icon.png Carlo
    Hello Carlo, you're the very fun and chill guy who's been in the PBWDS as long as I can remember, and who's always been super cool. You've been a super good friend to me and I'm glad I was able to meet you. You're very awesome like that and I hope we can have more fun times ahead.

    It's the real Tgc! I think you're an epically cool guy and owner, meaning, you're super chill and a great person. I'm happy to be in the sis code with you as we've had so many fun times together there. I think you're just an amazing person and I'm happy I've been able to get to know you well over these past months. :))

    File:Randyy-icon.png Randy
    It's the fruity boy himself! I like how we can joke around together so easily and how you're a very kind and awesome person all around. Being in the sis code and in Livony's server together has given us so great time to hang out. Thanks for helping me with my homework- I really really appreciate the help you've given me. Thanks for being around here. :homo:

    I would write more paragraphs here but I lost motivation. So... here's everyone else!

    File:Robo-icon.png Robo
    Don't have much to say except you'll always be cool with me, regardless of what happens. Keep being who you are. <3
    Incredibly great person right here!! I'm happy that I got to know you, Dfan- you're an incredibly sweet person and genuinely kind. :DD
    Sab is swag
    The best Brit I know! You are really friendly and I think you're an incredibly cool person. Truly the most swag woman ever!!
    SHADOW! I'm so happy you came back to the wiki so we could be on the mod team together and get to know each other. I've especially gotten to know you better through the Sis Code and I think you're amazing. :D
    File:SCISIvih-icon.png Ivih
    You're such a nice sweet guy, Ivih! As with Shadow, I got to know you more through the Sis Code and I'm glad I was able to. I think you're just a really nice person in general. <3
    File:SCISLejamie-icon.png Leja
    JAMIEEE! Like Ivih, you're an incredibly sweet, cute person! You're always really kind and positive and I really like you for that. :3
    File:BloxTheLoco2900-icon.gif Blox
    We don't talk a lot, but I think you're super chill and nice. I'd love to get to know you more and I always enjoy talking with you. |-| Art By Me =


    April 2022

    March 2022

    |-| Art Of Me =

    |-| Group Photos =

    |-| Human Me =


    My userboxes

    This user is female
    This user is American.
    "God bless 'Murica."
    This user is Chinese.
    File:Californiaball-0.png This user is Californian.
    "#1 state in the US (in homelessness!)"
    File:Acetool.png This user is Asexual.
    "sex is pretty cringe"
    File:Lesbianball.png This user is Lesbian.
    "I like my same sex as a girl."
    This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    This user speaks Mandarin Chinese.
    This user is Liberal.
    "Regulate the free market and respect the minorities!"
    This user is Social democratic.
    "We will establish a welfare state and liberal democracy!"
    This user is Democratic.
    "Can I into vote?"
    This user is Anticommunist.
    "Better Dead Than Red!"
    File:Antifascismball.png This user is Anti-Fascist.
    "Death to the genocidal fascists!"
    This user is Feminist.
    "Equality! Women are also stronk!"
    This user is Progressive.
    "You want your country back? I want my country forward!"
    This user is Eco-Friendly.
    "You must take care of our Earth!"
    File:Apathy.png This user is an Apatheist.
    "What's up there doesn't matter to me. I'm not interested at all."
    File:InstagramUserbox.png This user is an Instagrammer.
    "Follow story and like post pl0x!"
    This user is reeeeally lazy
    This user likes dogs and puppies
    "WOOF! WOOF!"
    This user really likes cats.

    ""Meow, purr""

    This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2021 (3 years).
    This user is Very Active.
    "I’m obsessed with the Polandball Wiki."
    This user is on Polandball Wiki Discord Server

    This user is active!
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