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    I would much rather be hated for who I am, then loved for someone I'm not.
    — CM Punk

    Hello everyone! I'm Melody.

    This user is Non-Binary.
    This user is Genderfluid.
    This user is Trans.

    So how'd I end up here?

    Roaming through Discord one day in late 2017, I discovered the Wiki. I never made an account or made any edits right away, but eventually I made this account right here; aaand then forgot about it. Six months later, I made an account and started interacting with the wiki. It was a community in which was different than anything I've seen before; and I liked it despite how toxic it was.

    Since then, a lot of things have changed and the toxicity of the Wiki has died down tremendously, and I like how calm it's been lately. Gotta give props to some of the other staff for sure!

    In March 2019, I became a councillor on the Wiki server thanks to Antonio, and I believe I've made fair amounts of change ever since that day. I love the community and I will forever do what I think will be right for it until the day I leave for good!


    "can i pls be unbanned..."


    "please make drawing!"


    "Why is (x) blocked?"

    Check their profile.

    Unimportant Q&A (stolen from Byz lol)

    Q: "What are your five favorite games?"

    1. Halo: Reach
    2. Terraria
    3. Skyrim
    4. Minecraft
    5. WWE: SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

    Q: " What are your three favourite songs?"

    1. Living Colour - Cult of Personality
    2. Killswitch Engage - My Curse
    3. Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns

    Q: "What're your favorite anime(s)?"

    Naruto, Black Butler, and Death note are some of my personal favorites.

    Friends and stuff

    The Bro Code Will probably write more stuff here instead of just icons, when I feel like it.

    - Switzerland, great friend who draws people really cool/good

    - TGC, a Canadian user and fellow staff member

    - Byz, a Canadian user and fellow artist/staff member

    - NF, really heckin good artist

    - Ivih, cool guy who kicked the owo habits

    - Nash, the Sylveon furry or something idk

    - KiK, I don't really talk to him that much ???

    File:Avery-Icon.png - Me, yes, ME.

    Art by me

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