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    The Xinjiang Conflict is an ongoing separatist movement in the western autonomous Chinese region of Xinjiangball (alternatively called Uyghurball). The separatist movement was eventually supported by Jihadist groups such as ISIS, which had set the stage that it was an active move of terrorism.

    Timeline of Events


    Everything was peaceful in Xinjiangball's clay until the provincial governor, Jin Shuren, was assassinated. Yang Zengxin took power in administering the region, with many believing he had been responsible for the killing. He then abolishes the Kumul Khanateball and precedesd to oppress the native Uyghurs. Ma Cliqueball, backed by  Chinaball, invades Xinjangball to try to revive the Kumul Khanateball and overthrow Yang Zengxin.

    Present Day

    Between 2007 and 2014, many Uyghurs commited violent attacks on Chinese civilians in multiple clashes. There were also bombings in markets and transport hubs, killing many. Anti-Chinese protests in Turkeyball led China to issue a travel warning for his civilians visiting Turkey.

    It was seemed that Uighur extremists formed two orginizations, ETIM, and TIP, and joined ISIS as fighters in Iraqball and Syriaball. It was always implied they entered Syriaball through Turkeyball.

    In 2009 some extreme Uighurs in Chinaball produced a terrorist incident, killed about 200 people with about 1700 injured. Chinaball's government started to view the situation more seriously by taking out wahhabi extremist cells and kill the fighters, many are from out side of Chinaball. As a follow up, the Chinese government started to try to remove the impact of Wahhabism from Xinjiangball. But it is very hard because they ignored the development in the past 25 years. So the government started policies such as banning full length niqab. Some other policies mimic the traditional CCP "political movement" such as the community leader will visit your home and make sure your husband is not forcing women to wear niqab. And religious leaders are not allowed to promote Wahbbism.

    After more attacks in 2017, Chinaball started to introduce internment camps to reduce islamism in the region. This has been a big blowback to the CCP's reputation, as many countries had accused China of "killing and exterminating muslims", while not being truly fully informed of the threat of jihadism. In a response, Chinaball was claiming this was only to fight terrorism and to secure the safety of all that lives there.

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