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    Revision as of 06:33, 12 May 2023 by pbw>Neon fern
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    Oh, hello. You can talk to me about anything. You can just say hi to! Welcome back! [[User:TheElectricBomb|TheElectricBomb]] ([[User talk:TheElectricBomb|talk]]) 09:56, 12 April 2023 (UTC) <br> Thank you! I would like to spend more time around here! I'll probably be working on countries like Third Reich and Kazakhstan. I'll also be working on Kansasball. Also, why are some of the countries protected? (such as Ukraine and Russia) Edit: Why are signatures not working? ~~~~ . . . Ukraine and Russia are locked because of Putin sends his "regards" . . . The page of mainland China is also locked because a cloudcuckoolander of a Chinese editor TY duck themself pushed the POV of the page, along with spamming rabbit China icons because China by the youth in this year (it's year of the rabbit), is nicknamed 兔子/Tuzi (rabbit) because the rabbit symbolizes mercy, elegance and beauty. . . . . . . . Oh and Commetian Empire, The reason why the talk pages' signatures don't work is because they used to be compatible to the wiki's previous database software (Swift) but not to the current software this very wiki is using (Lua). So is the current software going to stay? Or is it just until Miraheze gets the problem fixed? (Commetian Empire) Hi! It's me, Neon Fern. You probobly already saw me. I'm just asking How do I create a new acount on Country Humans Wiki? Uhh, [https://countryhumans.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:CreateAccount here], and why would you want to? You can just use the account you have now. If you are worried that users over on the CountryHumans Wiki will be mean to you; they won't. Multiple of the users (including me) are contributors here. So... yeah --Commetian Empire
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