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    Neh, it's nevah met a nice seeth afreekan, an' that's not bloody surprisin', mun, cuz we're a bunch a arrogant bwastards hoo hayte black people!
    — Union of South Africaball

    The Union of South Africaball is basically Dutch Australia was killing 8balls all the time a racist countryball in Africa. It was a British dominionball created by the combination of the British Transvaalball, British Orangeball, Colony of Natalball, Cape Colonyball. It became an independent republic in 1961 following a referendum, and a democracy in 1994 after the first multi-racial elections were held which marked the official end of apartheid.



    Historically, South African territory was firstly settled by Dutch Republicball during the 17th century to get a trading post to trade with India.

    Anglo-Dutch wars

    British Empireball wanted to own this territory and so started colonize here too, founding Cape Colonyball, to get a way to somehow steal this region from the Dutch Empireball. When the Napoleonic Wars broke out, British Empireball was against Dutch Empireball (now Batavian Republicball). In this way, British Empireball got the region from Batavian Republicball. But traces of the Dutch colonization are still present in the territory.

    After Boer Wars ended in 1902, Orange Free Stateball and South African Republicball, plus Cape Colonyball and Colony of Natalball, were incorporated into a British dominion, the Union of South Africaball. The Boer Wars costed to the Bri'ish colonizers a lot in lives and money but it got a big result.

    British dominion and apartheid

    In 1910, the Union of South Africaball officially became a dominion of British Empireball and helped its overlord during World War I and World War II. But South Africaball was never too keen on 8ball and so, in 1948, the government started an infamous policy to "keep the races separated": White balls have to be in places for White balls (which means rich and developed places) and  8balls in places for 8balls (which means marginalized and poor places).

    This policy lasted also when in 1961 the Union of South Africaball became a republic and in 1961 got out of Commonwealthball. It was thanks to Nelson Mandela, a Black revolutionary, that the policy finally stopped and the apartheid officially ended.


    Boykies (Friends)

    • Rhodesië - Best Friend to die end, next to Israelcube. Wie fought against SWAPO together and any other black organisations. Sad when it died.
    • Israel - Honorary white and also my best friend of all and few one that always stayed with me and also didn’t imposed sanctions. Together we cooperated in economic and military areas supporting each other against the terrorist scum that wanted to ruin us, and thanks to its weapons I could resist and also survive for a while with the financial help it gave in times everyone imposed sanctions. it also gave me money to develop nuclear weapons but sshhh
    • Taiwan - Economic partner and honorary white. Yuo are true China!
    • Britse Hong Kong - Another honorary white, even thou your parent hates me but we're good.
    • Tweede Portugese Republiek - Helped it during the war in Mozambiqueball and Angolaball and also help me during the war against Rebel Province. It is good friend.
    • USAball - We have many close ties, hate communism and he is Israelcube's friend but REMOVE SANCTIONS, STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME THE BAD GUY!
    • Chili - Fellow anti-communist Latino. Cooperated together in military and against terrorist latino. Pinochet Stronk!
    • Paraguay - Another Latino friend and economic partner! Stroessner made a visit in 1973.
    • Argentinië - Someone almost as white as me. Almost.
    • RENAMOball and UNITAball - Guerrilla friends who fought against communism.
    • Malawi - Good friend, though friend with my stupid of son who speaks ZULU!
    • Zaïre - A friend of mine who helped me against communism.
    • Russiese Ryk - I had a good relationship with it during my early days as a dominion of UKball. But sadly it was killed by that evil fanatical revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and the Communists. Rest in peace my very good friend!
    • Republiek Kuba - I was a good friend of it and I traded with it a lot. It was a good friend of the USAball as well. But sadly it was overthrown and killed by that evil fanatical revolutionary Fidel Castro! Rest in peace.
    • Pahlavi Iran - We had close ties and cooperated in many areas, it gave me economic help and even invited me to its mega parties. But sadly, it was killed by that evil fanatical revolutionary Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
    • Japan - Honorary white and economic partner!
    • Suid-Afrikaanse Republiek - True parent who lives with me. It taught me how to shoot well (LE BEST).
    • Oranje Vrystaat - Relative, who is a bit psychopathic at times but still good.
    • Gekonfedereerde State van Amerika - Fellow white supremacist and 8ball hater. It is USAball's brother, but I wonder why you hate him. Oh yeah, he is friends with ooga boogas, which I don't like either. Oh, and you are also herrenvolk like me. So sad you died before I was born.


    • Verenigde Koninkryk - Adoptive parent who fought my true parent! Was peeved when removed the Crown and left the Commonwealth. Remove sanctions! Recognize my friend Rhodesiaball! Maggie Thatcher was okay though.
    • Libanon - Honorary white, but stop bullying Israelcube!
    • Nazi-Duitsland - A prime minister of mine liked it. When war broke out tried to find a way to stay netural. It hates 8balls like me, but why the JEWS?!
    • Suid-Korea- Honorary white, but why do you not have diplomatic relations with me?
    • Brasilië- I will only put you here since your population is mostly white.

    Vyande (Enemies)

    • 8ball - FOR THE LAST TIME STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME THE BAD GUY! You kept fighting in the cities I built, these cities were not made for you, you must live in the marginalized slums far from me you dirty infidel! When you worked without complaining about your rights my economy was stronk! You ruined my child! Remove Ooga Booga!
      • : I am glad you hate me, racist! DEATH TO APARTHEID!
    • Zimbabwe - This dictator idiot murdered my friend Rhodesiaball. Remove Mugabe!
    • Rebel Province! - A rebel province full of rebel ooga boogas who separated with the help of a commie. REBEL PROVINCE!
    • Ethiopiese Ryk - Stupid Hebrew who made sanctions on me. It also trained kaffirs against me in its military camps. REMOVE SELASSIE!
    • Dergball - You killed Selassie but TURNED COMMIE??? Now you're friends with Castro and Mugabe. REMOVE MENGISTU!
    • Jamaika - Abyssinian Worshipers. I hope you get high and die!! REMOVE RASTA!
    • Volksrepubliek Angola - Stupid commie, you helped my rebel province, UNITA STRONK!
    • Volksrepubliek Mosambiek - Stupid commie, RENAMO STRONK!
    • Verenigde Nasies - Useless alliance of clays who suspended me and my friends! I should not have joined in the first place!
    • Sowjetunie - Filthy Communist scum bag who hates apartheid and killed its imperial parent. Remove You!!!!
    • Volksrepubliek China - Fake China, remove communist! Quit bullying Taiwanball and supporting black marxists!
    • Libiese Arabiese Jamahiriya - You support Nelson Mandela! Remove!
    • Kuba - Commie Latino. Get away from my border and stop helping Angolaball! REMOVE CASTRO!!!
    • Indië - Wasn't a big fan of Indians. (* Asian 8balls just with straight hair) AND OF SCREWINGS OF GHANDI!
    • Nieu-Seeland - Some other irrelevant country who think I am bad for some reason.
    • Palestina - An evil terrorists who attacks my friend Israelcube and cooperated with kaffir terrorists inside my clay and yuo aren't a Indonesian Puppet.
    • Iran - Evil anti- Israelcube terrorist that imposed sanctions on me and ruined the good relations I had with its parent.

    How to draw

    Drawing Union of South Africaball not very hard:

    1. Draw a circle shape with three horizontal lines and color them orange, white, and blue
    2. Draw the flags of UKball, Orange Free Stateball, and South African Republicball in the middle.
    3. Draw the eyes and your finished.

    Flag Colors (1928-1982)

    Main colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Orange 255, 133, 0 C0-M47-Y100-K0 #FF8500
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Resolution Blue 0, 53, 133 C100-M60-Y0-K47 #003585

    Colors of flags in the Union of South Africaball flag

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Resolution Blue 0, 53, 133 C100-M60-Y0-K47 #003585
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Lava Red 207, 9, 33 C0-M95-Y84-K18 #CF0921
    Mint green 0, 123, 76 C100-M0-Y38-K51 #007B4C
    Orange 255, 133, 0 C0-M47-Y100-K0 #FF8500

    Flag Colors (1982-1994)

    Main colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Deep saffron 255, 154, 48 C0-M39-Y81-K0 #FF9A30
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Cerculean Blue 36, 81, 205 C82-M60-Y0-K19 #2451CD

    Colors of flags in the Union of South Africaball flag (1982-1994)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cerculean Blue 36, 81, 205 C82-M60-Y0-K19 #2451CD
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Munsell Red 240, 14, 55 C0-M94-Y77-K5 #F00E37
    Sea green 58, 154, 92 C62-M0-Y40-K39 #3A9A5C
    Deep saffron 255, 154, 48 C0-M39-Y81-K0 #FF9A30


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