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    Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
    ben ik, van Duitsen bloed,
    den vaderland getrouwe
    blijf ik tot in den dood.
    Een Prinse van Oranje
    ben ik, vrij onverveerd,
    den Koning van Hispanje
    heb ik altijd geëerd.
    Netherlandsball singing its oldest surviving anthem
    Whatever is beautiful is hard to achieve.
    — Erasmus
    Sometimes, miracles happen.
    — Max Verstappen
    Everyone is very kind here
    Boom, boom, boom, boom!
    I want you in my room
    Let's spend the night together
    From now until forever
    — Kim Sasabone, Vengaboys
    Simply simply lovely
    — Max Verstappen
    All we ever hear from you is blah, blah, blah
    So all we ever do is go ja, ja, ja
    And we don't even care about what they say
    'Cause it's ja ja ja ja, blah blah blah blah
    — Armin van Buuren

    The Netherlandsball, also known as Weedball Republic of Heineken Tom Hollandball, is Orange and Drowning a dimension in Minecraft Western European countryball. Drugs are legal (drug addicts are given rehab, while foreigners possessing drugs are escorted back to their native country), with people being allowed to buy up to five grams of marijuana in coffee shops. Officially, it’s illegal to buy weed from coffee shops and often frowned upon to smoke weed in most public places. Nevertheless, people are able to grow up to three plants of it in the privacy of their own home. The Netherlands also legalises abortion and euthanasia. Its eyes are sometimes red because the Netherlandsball is on drugs. The Netherlands was also the first nation to use a tricolor flag officially legalize gay marriage, back in 2001. Known for dikes, dams and polders. EUball fears that it will do Nexit after UKball's Brexit.

    Its clay is bordered by Germanyball on the east, and Belgiumball on the south. It also borders Franceball with Sint Maartenball. Its maritime border is the North Sea where is partly surrounded by its northern and western clay. Its clay is divided into 12 provinces and three special municipalities in the Caribbean. The Netherlands should not be confused with Holland (because those are two provinces). Including its capital, Amsterdamball where is placed on North Hollandball. As a result, its clay has a total of 41 526 square kilometres (16485 square mile for USAball), a quarter of it below sea level, making it the 131st largest country in the world. As of January 2022, its population is exact 17,597607 million people, and is the 67th populous country in the world. The country has a high population density of 457 square kilometres (1183 square mile for USAball ) as of 2018 (thats high) and its with that the 29th most populous country in population density as of 2018.


    Netherlandsball is the adopted child of Spainball, and it was born in the 1500s. It was taken away by its half sibling Austriaball but got its independence in 1648 after fighting a war with it, helped by its Franceball, and changed its name from the long Spanish Netherlandsball to Dutch Republicball.

    Dutch participation in the Atlantic slave trade started in Brazilball, the Caribbean, and North America. The area where the company could operate consisted of West Africa (between the Tropic of Cancer and the Cape of Good Hope) and the Americas, which included the Pacific Ocean and the eastern part of New Guinea. The intended purpose of the charter was to eliminate competition, particularly Spainball or Portugalball, between the various trading posts established by the merchants. The company became instrumental in the largely ephemeral Dutch colonization of the Americas (including New Netherlandball) in the seventeenth century. From 1624 to 1654, in the context of the Dutch-Portuguese War, the GWC held Portugalball clay in northeast Brazilball, but they were ousted from Dutch Brazilball following fierce resistance.

    Around this time, it developed interests such as navigation, trade, and colonising, as seen part of Dutch East Indiesball (now known as Indonesiaball), Dutch Formosaball (now known as Taiwanball) and Surinameball. Its clay was occupied by Franceball, in 1795-6, and when it left in 1814, it changed its name to United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball, still unaware of its children with Franceball, Belgiumball, and Luxembourgball, later delivered and raised by UKball.

    In the Great War, Netherlandsball chose to remain neutral as its neighbors Reichtangle and UKball fought over its estranged child Belgiumball's clay but was beaten by Nazi Germanyball in 1940, and its clay was anschlussed for four years, along with all the Jewcubes it had sheltered from Nazi Germanyball.

    After its distant cousin Canadaball liberated it, it reluctantly gave its children Indonesiaball independence in 1945, and Surinameball independence in 1975. It joined the EU, its cousin in 1957 as a founding member, and now spends its days smoking weed hanging out with its smoking buddies Jamaicaball and Uruguayball, and building dams. It is also a founding member of NATOball in 1949.

    In 2001, it legalized Same-sex marriage, being the first country to legalize it.

    In 2019, it won Eurovision for the first time in 44 years. Sadly, it cannot host Eurovision 2020 because it and surrounding European balls are too affected by the coronavirus, but it hosted in 2021 instead, crowning Italyball as the winner.


    Netherlandsball is usually very high happy and relaxed by nature due to its laid back and easygoing personality, and due to its country's typically pacifistic morals. Sometimes it can be found smoking weed hanging out with Jamaicaball and/or Uruguayball. It loves the color orange and is friendly to most other countries. It actually has a lot of money and is a very good swimmer since most of the time its clay is underwater.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Upsdell Red 173, 29, 36 C0-M83-Y79-K32 #AD1D25
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Dark Cornflower Blue 30, 71, 133 C77-M47-Y0-K48 #1E4785



    Mijn lovely families: except for this disgrace

    • België and Luxemburg - Luxembourg is a flag thief My child and my ex-partner, part of Benelux. Let's eat food at our border town of Baarle.
    • Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Children that lives in the Caraïben.
    • Curaçao - Who? Ah, this one. It is good, I guess?
    • Zuid-Afrika - Child that speaks weird Nederlands. Gib gold plox
    • Suriname - It was a good slave - I mean jonge. Mijn favourite child!
    • Indonesië - Insane son with cracked delicious cuisine. I am very sorry for abusing and hurting your people for centuries ago and not recognizing your independence after 78 years. But now mij Prime Minister Mark Rutte, is now recognizing your independence that is in August 1945 instead of 1949 and also return some of your artifacts. And good job for protecting your siblings from Venezuela's hands! I even never recognize Vanuatu's puppet, so he's all yours. We both also hate Geert Wilders, he's an asshole. I also like your child because he can into weed, but plox stop removing drugs!!
    • West-Papoea - Who are yuo? You're not my child, yuo are supposed to be My Childs clay! And I don't want to support yuo because Mij Son will cut my ties with him if I do, yuo are also friends with this Dutch hater!! Even most of my children don't want to support yuo!!!


    • Aruba - My territory who has square currency and richest GDP per captia island of the Carribean (and still practices that blackface thing we're trying to stop people doing).
    • Australië - Relative. I eliminated you from the 2014 World Cup in the second round! 3-2 never forget!
    • Servië - Somewhat a nice friend from the Balkans, we sure understand each other! Don't get angry over Kosovoball btw, the EU is trying its best to normalize relations with two of them. Overall, pretty great pal. I secretly import my own weed to it's land, hehehe...
    • Brazilië - My adoptive child, I colonized a part of it between 1630-1654, and i have some descendants there, especially on Northeast and South, and it laughs like me! (Never forget 1974, 2010 and 2014 World Cup...)
    • Canada - Pretty nice country. Let me hang out at its place for a while when Naziball kicked me out. It managed to "talk" it back into letting me go home. Ik send flowers every year and a lifetime's supply of Red Bull to thank it for everything it did for me. And also legalised weed!
    • Frankrijk - Former lover. Mijn favourite holiday destination. I love its pastries!But vertical flag stealer!
    • Duitsland - Béét weird relation: When no Anschluss time, it is one of best fliends and sibling. But when it is, it is one of my biggest fears. And also gib leopard tank. Also, I'll never forget it beat me in 1974 World Cup final! Our languages are pretty close though. Also, when you gonna build the dam on north, like when, you are in dept or just not planning to do it, i wish it's already completed by i think i'll understand my city is gotta be underwater now, i ain't gonna drink all of that then, just build it.
    • Israël - We are great friends. Thanks for hosting a memorable Eurovisie Songfestival in 2019, ik still can't believe my Duncan won! TAKE THAT LOSER ! HAHAHAHAH that being said all of mijn childrens hates yuo. I also don't recognize Palestineball. Still, if you want to be better friends with me don't abuse it plox.
    • Italië - I surprisingly beat it in Eurovision 2019 (and it hated me for it), but then won it in Rotterdam with a fantastic performance. Gefeliciteerd! But Max Verstappen is way better than Charles Leclerc.
    • Jamaica - My friend in weed, I love it and its weird philosophical theories, it said to me it wanted to smoke a tree one day.
    • Japan - Oh my god it are so cute!
    • Marokko Very good friend who gives me Hashish but please stop imprisoning your activists, you're fine and all but just learn to respect opinions you don't like.
    • Mexico - Named snack after you. Taco is an acceptable first name in our country. Checo is a legend.
    • Nagasaki - Nice anime! Nice games! I make a nice port And I colonized it (Yuo wait... One day, I will show it the way of the weed...)
    • Kosovo - I recognized yuo.
    • Filippijnen - You may be steal my flags and hate drugs, but then, some of your Filipino tourists were on vacation on my place! Yeah, I know, it's so beautiful in my country and they worked here because of the bigger economy. Oh, that donation that I gave to you? I gave it because you're USABall's close friend and ally! Although your people are really nice to me. I'm glad we're friends...
    • Zuid-Korea - The best Korea (sincerely).
    • Spanje - Former arch-nemesis who occupied my clay when he was still imperial, favourite holiday destination for high-income, elderly people, including Sinterklaas. Defeated me in 2010 FIFA World Cup, got my beautiful revenge in 2014 FIFA World Cup by 5-1!
    • Verenigd Koninkrijk - Used to be mijn worst enemy, now it is fine. Well, we were huge rivals this year, though. At the end, I managed to kick its driver's ass! YO HE YO HO SUPER MAX IS KAMPIOEN! Like Duitsland, is of close brother (sibling)
    • Polen - Happy 100th birthday, mon amie! Love you.
    • Uruguay - Another smoking buddy.
    • Verenigde Staten - I'm friends with a few of its children because they can get high on drugs like me. They should've been a part of my colonial empire.. Also UK's child and my nephew.
    • Oekraïne - Crimea is part of you. Also ik supply yuo to make yuo win the fight against Russiaball


    • Oostenrijk - Estranged half-sibling. Less said, de beter. If Ilse had a beard, we would have won in 2014. Also won 2-0 easily against it in Euro 2021.
    • Zweden - You needed 253. You got 93. DEAL WITH IT. or else.... But you hate Article 13 too. And why did you steal mij name for a dimension in yuor game?!
    • Turkije - Ze place where our beloved tulips come from not sorry for stealing the Tulip identity from yuo hiehiehie. Defeatings of me in Euro 2016 with 3-0. Also I am not of fascist banana republic, am fokken kingdom. Well at least you are not annoying and made a kind of excuse. Still love your broodjes kebab.
    • Roemenië - It is a member of NATOball and EUball and it likes my discos and my girls, and hates me at the same time for not letting it with Bulgariaball into Schengen.
    • EUball - I love free travel and trade, and you helped me get strong again after WWII. However, sometimes, I get sick of your rules and extra fees to pay to get Eastern European workers and asylum seekers. Even Mij son hates yuo for banning his nickels.
    • Palestina - I don't recognize you but I'm sorry that mij friend is attacking you! I hope you survive and I am waiting peacefully for a two-state solution. Here, have some aids! :) but if you smoke weed I will recognize you earlier
    • Bulgarije - Same as Romania.
    • Letland - Yuo got lucky Portugal let you participate in Yurovision 2002.
    • China - We love pandas!!! They're so cute. But remove Coronavirus! Remember Eurovision 2020 outrage! or else...


    • Nazi Duitsland - FOKKEN BOOKSHELVES WHO ANSCHLUSS ME IN 1940! You also starved my people! You will be anchulussed by me!
    • Rusland - WHY DID YOU INVADE Ukraineball!!!!!!?????!?!?? Yuo used to be cool. You also hate me for expelled your embassy for UKball. ALSO, DON'T FORGET WHEN YOU AND YOUR SON SHOT DOWN MALAYSIABALL'S PLANE WITH LOTS OF MY PEOPLE!!
    • Monaco - CHARLES LECLERC IS NOT OF BETTER THAN MAX VERSTAPPEN! MAX MAX MAX SUPER MAX! But Leclerc is still of good driver so ok. Also you stole Mij son's flag, GODDAMMIT!
    • Krim - You are still part of Ukraine's clay, and don't you dare call ABC islands Venezuelans!
    • Venezuela - ABC Islands are mine!!!
    • Westelijke Sahara - Yuo are belongs to my friend Moroccoball!
    • Vanuatu - Leave Mijn Children alone and stop hating dutch people!! They did nothing wrong to yuo!!!
    • Oeganda - I mij not know yuo, but why do you hate Gays. What did they do to yuo?
    • Ivoorkust (only in sports) - I beat you, 5-0!
    • Burkina Faso (only in sports-related events) - Also Hates me for I rekt its best friend.
    • Pepsi (Since 2023)- YUO STOLE MINE LOOK YUO BASTARD!!!!!!


    Map of Netherlandsball's provinceballs and neighboring countryballs. Credits to GeorgiusNL
    • North Hollandball - It's the main reason why people see me as stoned and overly tolerant. Tourists go here to profit from our gedoogbeleid, our canals and the bench from The Fault In Our Stars.
    • South Hollandball- It's the sibling of North Hollandball and has the largest population of all provinces, the biggest harbour of Europe, the parliament and the government. Also known for crowded beaches and tulips.
    • Drentheball - Virtually nonexistent for most people. Known for its prehistorical dolmens, but that's it.
    • Flevolandball - Biggest artificial island in the world. We don't even know why we created this boring flat land in the middel of the lake. Home of the Dutch Alabama (formerly an island).
    • Frieslandball - Farmer, cows, speaks Frisian. Also, a lot of skaters and Elfstedentocht (constantly hopes for it to happen despite global warming). Owns a lot of islands in the Wadden sea, great for tourists.
    • Gelderlandball - Its name sounds like money in Dutch. It has a lot of students (mostly in the south), woodies, motor crossers, bike lanes, orchards and farmers in general.
    • Groningenball - Northernmost province of The Netherlands. More farmers and cows and has a lot of natural gas reserves. Suffers earthquakes because of gas. Don't say he is a Frisian. It also has a university and some communists.
    • Limburgball - Has the only mountain in the country. Home of André Rieu, Max Verstappen, many prominent race cyclists, and the manufacturer of the roughest roller coasters in the world. Eats lots of vlaai. Celebrates a lot of carnivals. It is almost Belgian.
    • North Brabantball - Home of the Efteling (the greatest theme park in the world!), forests, bars, Guus Meeuwis, Snollebollekes, the nation's biggest tech hub, beautiful, pre-industrial cities, worstenbroodjes and Bossche bollen. Calls patat by the name friet. Breathes Catholicism culturally. Carnival is where he lives for. It is, like Limburgball, almost Belgian.
    • Overijsselball - Farmers, Hansa cities, tech students and streams. Not much else.
    • Utrechtball - Smallest province by area. Still, 1.268.489 inhabitants, and the busiest train stations. Has the biggest bicycle stall in the world to accomodate a large amount of train commuters.
    • Zeelandball - Beach territory. The sea almost killed it in 1953, and built some serious water-defense tech afterwards. Tries to convince all of mij people to come and visit it. In the winter. Also renowned for baking great bolus. Home of Danny Vera, who managed to beat Queen in Top 2000.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Netherlandsball.

    Click here to see it.

    The Allied Powers - Liberating the World from Tyranny
    Entente Powers/Allies
    Principal Entente Powers: Franceball UKball Russian Empireball ( Russian Republicball) (until 1917) • USAball (from 1917) • Kingdom of Italyball (From 1915) • Empire of Japanball
    Associated allies and co-belligerents: Kingdom of Serbiaball Belgiumball Kingdom of Montenegroball Luxembourgball Australiaball Canadaball Ceylonball Sultanate of Egyptball Newfoundlandball New Zealandball British Rajball Sheikhdom of Kuwaitball Czechoslovakiaball Assyrian Volunteersball Emirate of Nejd and Hasaball Idrisid Emirate of Asirball Provisional Government of National Defenceball Portugalball Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Hejazball Kingdom of Greeceball Republic of Chinaball Siamball Brazilball Transcaucasiaball Centrocaspian Dictatorshipball Armeniaball
    Nations that declared war on the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: Nepalrawr San Marinoball Andorraball Republic of Cubaball Panamaball Liberiaball Guatemalaball Nicaraguaball Costa Ricaball Haitiball Hondurasball
    Nations that severed diplomatic ties with the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: Boliviaball Dominican Republicball Peruball Uruguayball Ecuadorball
    Nations that were aligned to the Entente, but didn't get involved: Norwayball Monacoball El Salvadorball Tibetball
    Allies of World War II
    Principal Allied Powers UKball Soviet Unionball (From 1941) • USAball (From 1941) • Republic of Chinaball Franceball (Until 1940) • Provisional Government of the French Republicball (From 1944)
    Allied combatants with governments-in-exile: Free Franceball Second Polish Republicball Czechoslovakiaball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Netherlandsball Norwayball Kingdom of Greeceball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball Provisional Government of the Republic of Koreaball Ethiopian Empireball Commonwealth of the Philippinesball
    Other Allied combatant states: PR Polandball Canadaball Australiaball New Zealandball Union of South Africaball British Rajball Southern Rhodesiaball Nepalrawr Democratic Federal Yugoslaviaball Brazilball Mexicoball Mongolian People's Republicball Costa Ricaball Republic of Cubaball Dominican Republicball El Salvadorball Guatemalaball Haitiball Hondurasball Nicaraguaball Panamaball Boliviaball Colombiaball Liberiaball Chileball Ecuadorball Kingdom of Egyptball Lebanonball Paraguayball Peruball Saudi Arabiaball Syriaball Turkeyball Uruguayball United States of Venezuelaball Argentinaball DR Vietnamball
    Co-belligerents (former Axis powers): Kingdom of Iraqball (From 1943) • Pahlavi Iranball (From 1943) • Kingdom of Italyball (from 1943) (from 1943) • Kingdom of Romaniaball (from 1944) Kingdom of Bulgariaball (from 1944) • Finlandball (from 1944)

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