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    O dierbaar België, O heilig land der Vaad'ren,

    Onze ziel en ons hart zijn u gewijd~

    But you didn't have to cut me off,
    Make out like it never happened,
    And that we were nothing.
    And I don't even need your love,
    But you treat me like a stranger,
    And that feels so rough,
    You didn't have to stoop so low,
    Have your friends collect your records,
    And then change your number,
    I guess that I don't need that though,
    Now you're just somebody that I used to know!
    Où est ton papa? Dis-moi, où est ton papa?
    Sans même devoir lui parler, il sait ce qu'il ne va pas
    Ah sacré papa, dis-moi où es-tu caché?
    Ça doit faire au moins mille fois que j'ai compté mes doigts
    — Stromae
    Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you?
    — Hooverphonic
    Hier, nen Euro. [drops the Euro into a sewer grate] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    — Stressmannetje
    Hallo, ik ben dr. Oetker, Zeg is aaa [aaa] *Dinosauruskreet*

    Belgiumball, officially the Kingdom of Waffleball and Choclate Anschlussed by the Dutch and French Black Romaniaball Belgiumball, is a hand fetish addict sovereign state and federal constitutional monarchy in waffle land Western Europe. It borders Franceball to the south, Netherlandsball to the north, and Germanyball and Luxembourgball to the east. Its clay is divided into 3 regions, the Dutch-speaking north region called Flandersball, the French-speaking south region called Walloniaball, and of course its capital Brusselsball. With an area of about 30,528 square kilometers[1], Belgium lies in the 140th position in the largest countries in the world. As of 2021, its population estimate is about 11,585,000[1]. It is one of the most densly populated countries in Europe with 379.5 people per square kilometer (982.9 people per square mile)[1].

    The headquarters of NATOball and EUball are located in Belgiumball's capital: Brusselsball, that's why it bosses every countryball around a lot. On the other hand, it is also where the biggest rave party globally, Tomorrowland, is held.

    Since its birth, Belgium has tried to act as a very neutral and peaceful country. Instead, it has been engrossed in almost every major war in Europe. Despite its troubled past. It quickly rose to become one of the leading powers of the industrialized European world and was one of the founding members of NATO and EU. Meaning that since day one, Belgium has tried to keep many affiliates close.

    Its birthday is on 4 October.


    Ancient myths say Belgiumball is descended from Belgicaball, a province of the ancient Gaulball. At some point it's clay got conquered by SPQRball. Many countryballs concurred the clay in the centuries afterward like Germanyball, Spainball, Austriaball, Franceball, and United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball.

    Belgiumball was born in 1830 after a successful rebelion from Netherlandsball. Its parents are Franceball and United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball, this was before Franceball got married to Germanyball. Its parents met when Franceball took some of Dutch Republicball's clay in 1795. After it changed its name to the United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball (aka Netherlandsball), UKball helped deliver the child, and then secure its neutrality in 1839's Treaty of London.

    The Girl eventually grew up to follow in its parents' footsteps, eventually acquiring a slave colony of its own, Belgian Congoball, in 1885 where its weird fetish for hands begins. It was eventually forced to abandon indulging it in 1908, under pressure from its guardian/mentor UKball.

    In 1914, German Empireball tried to anschluss Belgiumball, but its guardian and uncle UKball, as well as its estranged parent Franceball, came to its rescue, and then eventually its distant cousin USAball as well. German Empireball was defeated in 1918, and its former clay in East Africa was divided between UKball and Belgiumball. In 1933, however, Weimar Republicball became Nazi Germanyball and in 1940, Nazi Germanyball raped and anschlussed it again, for 4 years this time, until its distant cousin USAball came to its rescue once again in 1944.

    After that traumatic experience, Belgiumball settled down into a peaceful lifestyle and eventually gave Democratic Republic of Congoball its independence in 1960. It was a founding member of both the EU (1957) and NATO (1948). Nowadays, the EU (its half-sibling) has its base located in Belgiumball's clay. It tries to be as good a host as possible.

    Since World War II, Belgiumball has suffered a lot from its bipolar disorder. Doctors say it will die soon since its child Flandersball wants to divorce Walloniaball. They will maybe be their state or Flandersball will go back to its dad Netherlandsball and Walloniaball will go back to its mom Franceball Since many votes have come back to annexation of Flandersball and Walloniaball. Upon that Belgiumball was assaulted by ISISball on 22 March 2016, when it attacked Brusselsball.


    Belgiumball is generally a warm and cheerful ball but has a split personality. Generally, Belgiumball is seen as an innocent waffle and chocolate-lover that doesn't seem to do much wrong. It enjoys life with good food and drinks. It loves eating waffles, fries, and chocolate, and it likes drinking beer and literal handshakes . It is a big fan of EDM and House music. It even organizes crazy rave parties to celebrate its love for EDM. Belgiumball also loves sports such as Soccer, Tennis, and Cycling. Its success in these sports does vary a lot, though. Belgiumball has a fascination for Renaissance and surrealist art and is also a huge comic-book nerd.

    Belgiumball made "Smurfs" and "Tintin" and extremely loves soccer. And it plays it well - it got the bronze medal in the 2018 World Cup in Russiaball. Its best clothes are ginnes.

    Secretly Belgiumball is extremely obsessed with (cut-off) hands. Some say it even took one out on a date once. This is due to its historic fetish for hands, derived from its created genocide of The Congo Genocide. It's probably a nerd, but it enjoys life, but mostly bullied by ISISball. The Democratic Republic of the Congoball never forgave it for its crimes like how Armeniaball never forgave Turkeyball.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000
    Sunglow 253, 218, 36 C0-M6-Y87-K0 #FDDA24
    Imperial Red 239, 51, 64 C0-M86-Y63-K0 #EF3340



    Almost everyone but the more important ones:

    • Armeniaball - I recognize your genocide and we also both hate Turkeyball.
    • Cataloniaball - I support yuor independence.
    • Canadaball - Frère et sœur. Cela m'a aidé pendant la Première et la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
    • Icelandball - It likes my waffles and fries. :), and I also like its show Lazy Town. And unlike other balls, I like its weird food. But 1-2 and 5-1 I DEFEAT YOU!
    • Franceball - Thank you for teaching me French, but HOW DARE YOU BEAT ME IN THE WORLD CUP SEMIFINAL! I CAN’T MAKE THE FINAL BECAUSE OF YOU! ALSO, FRENCH FRIES ARE BELGIAN, NOT FRENCH! And Tintin is better than Asterix
    • Germanyball - You are the better Germany (compared to before), but your past self hurts my parents brutally! You past moronic flag taker! But at least you’re great in cultural unity now. But why do you hate P90?
    • Taiwanball - Chinese Asian friend. Gib bubble tea plox.
    • Indonesiaball - Muslim Asian adoptive sibling. Happy birthday! However, one of your kids has stolen my flag.
    • Netherlandsball - Ouder/Parent. Yuo tried to stop my independence before and suppressed my population but times have changed. Thank you for learning English.
    • Philippinesball - My friend who likes me! Filipino Tourist who been visit our country because of my economy and tourist spot! Also, our chocolate as is now in the Philippines since 2014.
    • Turkeyball - Fellow genocide denier.
    • Polandball - Happy 100th anniversary, Poland! And my current queen is of your descent!
    • South Koreaball -I like your kimbap, but Belgian Fries >>> Kimbap.
    • UKball - Guardian: It helped secure my freedom twice from Reichtangle and its grandchild. It is more than an uncle to me.
    • USAball - Cool guy, helped me out with the Nazi that time.
    • EUball - My half-sibling, I host its capital. Don't tell it, but Germany and France adopted it from me.
    • Flandersball and Walloniaball - Mijn kinderen. S'il vous plaît, arrêtez le combat ou je mourrai bientôt.
    • Kosovoball - May I recognise it so sure we both hate Iranball.
    • Ukraineball - I'm sorry about what Russiaball did.
    • Austriaball - We both like to drink beer.
    • Irelandball - Same as Austriaball
    • Greeceball - I feel bad for it as it is always being picked on by Germanyball
    • Greenlandball - I made it huge by giving it Mercator Projection. Hope you enjoy it.
    • Albaniaball - It and Serbiaball had been having issues regarding Kosovoball. I don't know why, but Kosovo is an independent country.
    • Luxembourgball - Other parent, small mdr because of me
    • Estoniaball - Baltic country who wants to be Nordic. I can help you with that.
    • Romaniaball - We both hate Hungaryball, but not all the time. And my flag looks similar to you, except the left stripe that is blue instead of black.
    • United Belgian Statesball - I will bring you back soon... You were a great country.


    • Switzerlandball - We both made chocolates together. We are often good as usual but neutral.
    • Chinaball - Trading partner but please protect your child plox.
    • DR Congoball - My former other colonial slave, but it hates me (Thanks Leopold II) (nao gib hands). I'm trying to get a better relationship with it though, ALSO, THERE WAS NO GENOCIDE!
    • Rwandaball - My former other colonial slave. I now feel sorry for what happended to you. You might not wanna speak French anymore. And Stromae is descended from your clay.
    • Burundiball - My former colonial slave, I'm sorry about that.
    • Turkeyball - Home to many Turkish immigrants! But stop bullying with Kurds and Armenians! And you aren't European, so please stop trying to join European Union, you are le Mongolian.
    • Russiaball - I am still in NATO and not BRICS, but I have nothing against yuo but why invade Ukraineball? I give yuo sanction now. but thanks for making The Smurfs more fame now since "Blue smurf cat" mdr
    • Israelcube - I do have some Jews here and we have okay diplomatic relations
    • Palestineball - Although I don't recognize it, I do gib it general aids as support. Yuo like waffles?
      • : Yes, I like waffles nom nom nom
    • Spainball - We’re usually good friends as we are both in EU
    • Italyball - I like your pizza, but you should stop going crazy when someone puts ketchup or pineapples or any topping you don't like on their pizza. Just except the fact that it is normal!
    • Montenegroball - We are good these days, but they're friends with this bully.


    • Nazi Germanyball - FUCK YOU ARE WORSE THAN YOUR PARENTS! At least the German Reich did not kill as many Belgians as you!
    • ISISball - YUO WILL PAY FOR WHAT YUO DID TO ME ON 22 MARCH 2016! Fuck you, terrorist!
    • Japanball (football) - HAHA! 3--2?! I DEFEAT YOU!
    • Spainball (sometimes) - Merde. I defeat yuo so easily in hockey, SO GIVE CATALONIA INDEPENDENCE!
    • Serbiaball - Stop being friends with Spain, and gib Kosovoball independence honhon!
    • Coamoball and Waikatoball - You guys stole my flag!
    • Hungaryball - What is your problem?
    • Smurf Stealer?! (In 2023) - Oh Moly, No!, Why These From Meme?, From The World?!, AND COMEBACK TO STUPID WINTER!


    Belgiumball with its provinceballs and regionballs.

    Regionballs and Provinceballs


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Belgiumball.

    Click here to see it.


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