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    ကမ္ဘာမကျေ၊ မြန်မာပြည်၊

    တို့ဘိုးဘွား အမွေစစ်မို့ ချစ်မြတ်နိုးပေ

    Myanmarball sings its anthem loudly.

    Myanmarball (also known as Burmaball), officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmarball, has two titles at the same time is a kebab remover Buddhist countryball in Southeast Asia. Its clay is bordered by Chinaball to the North, Indiaball to the West with a small portion of Bangladeshball, and Thailandball and Laosball to the East. The country is divided into 7 states, along with the capital Naypyidawball, giving it a total area of 676,578 km², making it the 2nd largest country in Southeast Asia. As of 2020, the population is about 54.52 million people.

    Being geographically in Southeast Asia gives Myanmar to ability to join the ASEANball, along with the UN like many other countries.

    Myanmarball is often seen as a very poor, corrupt and heavily wartorn countryball in the outside world, especially by the West, as it has been involved with a number of coups and rebellions in its life.. along with the longest-running civil war! Because of its obsession with removing kebab and homosex, it has been given a large number of sanctions and is of accused for violatings of the human rights. Myanmar also have no seatbelt so be careful when visiting it.

    Myanmar is also heard using Chinaball's "xixixi" laugh.

    Its national day is January 4th, and its astrological sign is Capricorn.

    Myanmar may not be huge but it has many pig farms. Xixixixixi... fak you rohingya, don't peacefully protest against big Rakhine pig farm!


    Originally, Myanmarball was inhabited by  1balls. They soon settled as the  Pyuballs and grew rice around central Myanmarball. Countryballs who migrated in the south became the Monballs, migrant balls to the west became the  Rakhine and the migrant balls in the east became the  Shanballs.

    Each groups made their own kingdoms. Rakhineballs were more influenced by Indiaball, Monballs were influenced by Thailandball, and Shanballs were influenced by both Chinaball and Thailandball. The original Pyu became the Kingdom of Paganball. Other cultures of Myanmarball made their own successful kingdoms and the Kingdom of Toungooball invaded most of the empires that existed. Meanwhile Toungooball and its following kingdoms were having the occassional anschluss with   Ayutthayaball.

    In 1752 the dynasty of Konbaungball was created and they invaded a shitload of places. They invaded the Mon kingdom, Restored Hanthawaddy Kingdomball, from 1752 to 1754. From 1765 to 1767 they fully anschlussed  Ayutthayaball by burning their capital and making residents servants. At the same time, from 1765 to 1769, Qingball tried to invade but Burmese forces shielded their attack. In 1785 they took Arakanball, which is now Rakhine Stateball. They took Manipurball after a few raids from 1814 to 1820.

    In Manipurball, these years are known as the manor din, or the 'days of the Burmese'. They also took Assamball after some wars from 1817 to 1822. In Assamball, these years are called Chahi-Taret Khuntakpa, or 'seven years of devestation'. 

    Great Imperial Tea took Rakhine Stateball and Tanintharyi Regionball, which it calls Arakan and Tenasserim, and Assamball, Manipurball and  Tripuraball in Indiaball were given to the British East India Company after the First Anglo-Burmese War of 1824 to 1826.

    In the other war after that, the British East India Company (being given a whole new look and renamed the British Rajball a couple years later) took Lower Burmaball, and three decades later in 1885 Great Tea took the rest of Burmaball and when Konbaungball died, it added the newly founded colony of  British Burmaball as part of the British Rajball.

    It was left undisturbed throughout the new century, until 1942. The Empire of Japanball wanted some clay. The Empire of Japanball took Tea's clay away and Thailandball helped by taking away parts of Shan Stateball as part of Saharat Thai Doem. In 1942, Empire of Japanball made the State of Burmaball. They, and Thailandball, gave back the clay in 1945. Two years later, the British Rajball gained independence and a year after that it became free from Bri'ish rule. 

    It became the Union of Burmaball in 1948. It stayed like that until 1962 when it became Socialist Burmaball. It remained peaceful until 1988. After that it became the Union of Myanmarball, or the SPDC (State Peace and Development Council), and the name was changed by File:Aung San Suu Kyi-icon.png Aung San Suu Kyi from Burmaball to Myanmarball, but then File:Aung San Suu Kyi-icon.png it was put under house arrest in 1989! It was dissolved after the 2010 elections, and then it became Myanmarball as we know it in 2011. 

    During 1 February 2021, a coup d'etat broke out with the military, ending up successfully overthrowing Aung San Suu Kyi & the government. The military has currently took control of Myanmarball. Immediately after, USAball President Joe Biden threatened to invade sanction Myanmarball if File:Aung San Suu Kyi-icon.png Aung San Suu Kyi was not released. Later on, the people of Myanmarball took to the streets to protest against the military junta. Currently, the junta is still in power.

    Flag Colours

    Main colours

    Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Philippine Yellow 254, 203, 0 C0-M20-Y100-K0 #FECB00
    Wageningen Green 52, 178, 51 C71-M0-Y71-K30 #34B233
    Imperial Red 234, 40, 57 C0-M83-Y76-K8 #EA2839

    Emblem colour

    Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Relationships/ဆက်ဆံရေး (Saatsanrayy)

    Myanmar has tried to get friends around the world. Myanmar is also in ASEAN with outer Southeast Asian countries

    Friends/သူငယ်ချင်းများ (Suungaalhkyinnmyarr)

    •  Chinaball - We are Sino-Tibetans! We will be good trade partners with them. They will help us with everything from roads to oil. We both were socialists, we laugh the same (xixixi), and we share some ethnic groups. But FREE MY SIBLING!!
    • Russiaball - Best European friend! WE BOTH CAN INTO OPPOSING THE OPPOSITION :) We both have a common enemy.
    • Syriaball - You actually a decent kebab, we give each other political support and see Imperialists sanction us!
    • Indiaball - Past has been complicated but it refused to criticize me for handling the Rohingyas. We both like to remove Kebab.
    •  Laosball - We know them, another ASEAN friend.
    • Philippinesball - Has good president that I like. Cool person. can into friendship and of tradings.
    • Tibetball - Big sibling who is now isolated and stuck in China's clay. I hope it will be free from China.
    •  North Koreaball - Initially not friend but then I got sanctioned and we became buddies and I still buy weapons from it.
    • Eritreaball - The UNball gave me and it sanctions for killing. We have similar personalities when it comes to executing people by religion and color. It used to murder Dirty Dankill Muslims.
    • Thailandball - India-Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Highway is one of the main reasons we share good relations. Even though we had our past, we are friendly. We both can into milk tea alliance.
    •  Vietnamball - Both can into friendship.
    • Serbiaball - We have the same objectives and we are friends with Russia.
    • Armeniaball - My Caucasian friend. I like it because we both remove these kebabs and we are also friends with Russiaball and Chinaball. It also agrees with me to remove these Rohingyas out of my clay.
    • Ugandaball - Best homo remover guy and African friend! I love how you remove homosexuals in your clay and being friends with my friends! Let's remove homosex together! But for some reason we don't have any diplomatic relations.
    • Spainball - I know that feeling.
    • Malaysiaball - ONLY GOOD KEBAB! We are cool because he is friends with China.
    • Taiwanball - Used to hate it because of op flag stealer now we're friend because we are both fighting oppression, milk tea stronk!
    • Hong Kongball - I know what yuo feel now, hope we can op reach our freedom.
    • Omanball - Only Arab Country I Like, But you are of Kebab...

    Neutral/ကြားနေ (Kyarrnay)

    •  Cambodiaball - It's my Buddhist friend. Both had empires however BUT POL POT GENOCIDED TOO MUCH CHINESE PEOPLE!
    • Franceball - It is another kebab remover as it banned women from wearing niqaab in public, It is also committed genocide on Algeriaball and it also hates Turkeyball's president for saying that its president needs some help and doesn't let it into EUball, BUT STOP SIDING WITH ROHINGYA!!!
    • Indonesiaball - Founder of ASEANball, BUT WHY YUO SUPPORT THOSE ROHINGYA, YUO DIRTY KEBAB! REMOVE KEBAB!!! Also I can into revenge yuo in M2 MLBB!! HAHAHAHAHA......!!! Who's Lee nao?Hah?! at least I support of West Papua Issue.
    • Japanball - It teaches me about space technology that used in the future but opposed to military junta.
    • USAball - It gave us democracy and we fight! Who cares about socialism and protests, we established relations and met them. Please don't sanction me! Now it is super opposed to me because of my coup! I stopped the steal unlike you! But we're good sometimes because we both don't adopt the metric system.
    • African Unionball - Wut I like your flags?
    • Ethiopiaball - Thanks for creating those flags. Yuo also in the kebab removing agency yes
    • Boliviaball - Yuo like those flags too?
    • Israelcube - Gib food and remove kebab, but remove falafel as well. I also of not recognizing Palestineball. But you are too friendly with these kebabs.
    • Somalilandball - Althrough you are kebab and hating my friend but I will hide you from that Pirate kebab.
    • Iranball - It is not all bad and we are often on the same page for international issues.
    • South Koreaball - No! I like North Korea, not you! XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI! ALSO REMOVE K-POP! But my people like K-Dramas so it's ok.

    Enemies/ရန်သူများ (Raansuumyarr)

    • Pakistanball - Stupid owner of Bangladesh & recognizes Fake country! There's a reason I support Indiaball against you! REMOVE!!!
    • Palestineball - Russiaball and Chinaball may like you, but your existence is a no for me. GO BACK TO ISRAEL!!! And also, REMOVE KEBAB!!!
    •  Lithuaniaball - FLAG STEALER! They think we stole their flag on chan. Stop hating my my friends.
    • Estoniaball - Friends with  flag stealer and also hates my friends. You deserved to be hacked by Russia.
    • Rohingyaball - GET AWAY FROM ME!! REMOVE KEBAB!
    • Uyghurball - You cannot into independence xixixixixixixixixixixixi!!
    • Turkeyball - Who the hell are you I don't know am kidding of course ı know you kebab REMOVE KEBAB but never try to protect Rohingyans. REMOVE, REMOVE YUO ARE THE WORST!
    • Kosovoball - You are of Serbian clay xixixixixixixixixixixixixi! Remove kebab!
    •  UKball - Parent who does not support me and is friends with Bangladeshball!  Please, support me!! I'm your child too!
    • Afghanistanball - Worse than the Rohingyas, ''REMOVE TERRORIST KEBAB!!
    • Saudi Arabiaball - Another kebab country who support Rohingyaball!
    • Australiaball - It hates me because of my refugees.
    • Ukraineball - Crimeaball is part of Russiaball.
    • Swedenball - We're getting better relations from your wife. So it depends you if you unbanned me from Bork or not. Also IKEAs are here in my clay.
    • Somaliaball - That stupid kebab pirate who supports directly on Rohingyas and being friends with my enemies. AND NEVER FORGET THE RAID OF MY SHIP!!! REMOVE KEBAB PIRATES AND STOP BULLYING SOMALILAND LET THEM GO!!!

    Countries Voting Against Condemning Myanmar


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