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    If you're searching for the "Middle Eastern caveball", see 4ball/Middle Eastern.

    — Bill Wurtz, history of the world, i guess

    Gneurshkball 4ball (also known as Homo Sapiensball or Cro-Magnonball) is a  caveball which represents peoples who lived before the other caveballs. It lived in the Ice Ages with wooly mammoths and ice. It first wrote on rock as paintings to communicate among other caveballs. It harvested, hunted, and ate now-extinct animals.

    4balls met Neanderthalballs on multiple occasions, and they fought together (and each other) for survival until the latter one became extinct by unknown circumstances. They tried to protect their people from human expansion, but that didn't work out well.

    It is the ancestor of all the balls that live in Earthball. The oldest records of its existence were thought to be in Ethiopiaball clay until 2015.


    4ball originated in Africa. The first group to split off from the other 4balls was non-Bantu Khoisanballs who now live in Southern Africa. Then African Pygmieballs, and after that other West Africans were two other groups who split off from other 4balls. The 4balls from Africa would become 8balls.

    Then some 4balls started going into Eurasia, traversing its southern coast, and one group, Basal Eurasians, split off early. Then the rest of the non-African 4balls got mixed with Neanderthalballs, and to a lesser extent, with Denisovanballs. Then, in South or Southeast Asia, the non-African 4balls split into West and East, with 2ball and Middle Eastern 4ball ancestors and 1ball, 7ball, 5ball, and 3ball ancestors remaining in the east. Then, 5balls went south into Australiaball, 1balls went north to East Asia, 3ball ancestors went to the Americas, and 7balls went to India, Southeast Asia and Polynesia.

    Meanwhile, 4balls and 2balls went to Western Eurasia. 2ball ancestry is predominant in Northern Europe, while in Southern Europe and the Middle East there is a little more Basal Eurasian 4ball ancestry.

    West and East could not stay divided forever, though. Sometimes 2ball and 4ball ancestors mixed with 7ball, 1ball, and 3ball ancestors, even before the colonial period.

    In Siberiaball, some 2balls actually left the 2balls that were heading west and instead decided to join the 1balls and (according to some) 7balls going into the Americas. Thus, there is actually notable 2ball ancestry in Native Americanballs that was from before colonization.

    4ball and 2ball ancestry entered India through Dravidian and Indo-Aryan migrations, mixing with the native 7balls to create Indiaball, where 2ball languages are predominant.


    4Ball, unlike other Caveballs, does not tend to have any hats or other changes to it's appearance. 4Ball looks like a "Solid" Billiard ball colored purple with a 4.



    How to draw

    Drawing 4ball is simple.

    1. First create a base circle shape.
    2. Color the inside violet.
    3. Draw inside it a little white circle with the black 4
    4. Add white eyes and you've finished.


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